Which anime is this AMV from?

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Which anime is this AMV from?

Post by vkk »

I saw this AMV in a pub once, and I was smitten! :)

The part from which I remember is somewhere in between, not the start of the video. It shows a hunter pursuing a boar, which is actually some evil character. The hunter manages to shoot at the boar, but it runs off. The hunter then pursues it on a deer (or similar animal). When he manages to hit it with an arrow again, the boar sort of disintegrates into many snake-like parts.

I know this is very little information, but I'm hoping I'd get some sort of pointers in this forum. ](*,)
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re: Which anime is this AMV from?

Post by Battousai The Manslayer »

Princess Mononoke? :-k
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re: Which anime is this AMV from?

Post by Gambit »

That's definitely Princess Mononoke.

re: Which anime is this AMV from?

Post by vkk »

thanks guys!

it is Princess Mononoke.
And the song is Rob Zombie's Superbeast.

Found the AMV on animemusicvideos.org \:D/

But there's no download info. :x
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Re: Which anime is this AMV from?

Post by orochi-kun majidani »

I knew thats what it would be!!
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Post by STyXXX »

Need Zombie/ Mononoke video. Tired of searching. Fav band and studio. PLEASE and a heartfelt thank you. I downloaded it almost 3 decades ago. Ex-girlfriend took it in the split. Any help is super appreciated.
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