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Do you like South Park?

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Re: South Park

Post by Tyche »

I like Tweek the most... and Cartman is a close second...


Cartman is hilarious XD :lol:
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Re: South Park

Post by Commander Sparx »

yeah cartman is the funnyest, he's got to be the funnyest cartton i've seen.
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Re: South Park

Post by maria »

Why is cartman the ONLY fat kid in the class? :lol:
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Re: South Park

Post by RikkuHimiku »

Stan and Cartman are my favorite characters. \:D/
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Re: South Park

Post by animaniac »

man the world of warcraft episode is like one of the funniest!!!... my oppinion best one I've seen so :heh:
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Re: South Park

Post by Gyro Zeppeli »

My 2 favorite episodes are "Make Love not Warcraft" and "Red Hot Catholic Love" (even though I am catholic)

Ike and Cartman are the best.
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Re: South Park

Post by Chrono Paladin »

Yeah. THat show is hilarious.. :lol:
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Becuase he hates it when the show makes fun of certain religious aspects. But to be honest, I'm religious but the show is just plain funny. But I have to agree with the part about an episode where God was a mutant mammel-like thing but this is TV. It's not to be taken seriously.
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Re: South Park

Post by Doctor Ren »

animaniac wrote:man the world of warcraft episode is like one of the funniest!!!... my oppinion best one I've seen so :heh:
Cartman: Mom... Bathroom!
Cartman's mom: What, hun?
Cartman: Bathroom!... Bathroom!
*Cartman's mom enters the basement and holds a pan in front of Cartman's ass. Cartman shits in the pan, as well as all over his mom*
Cartman's mom: Oh, that's a big boy.
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