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the show

Post by LPIBelong » Sep 01, 2006 10:27pm

ok i know that the show only goes to manga 8 but do you think that there will be more shows? because the way they ended it was horrible!!! jw. :-k
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Re: the show

Post by Ethereal Blaze » Sep 02, 2006 1:54am

actually, the anime stops at manga no. 6
it just makes references to later manga. as far as i am aware, there are no new eposodes as far as i am aware
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Re: the show

Post by Minika » Sep 08, 2006 2:31pm

I doubt VERY much that there will be any more episodes. Funimation are infamous for taking a manga, developing many episodes around it, then stopping at a point and making it impossible to continue without causing controversies and confusion. For example, the manga ending is very different to the anime 'ending' that the anime-makers created:

Yuki sees Kyo, but doesn't approach him whilst he is in his True Form.
Tohru doesn't meet her friends in the graveyard. She is also much more willing to follow Kyo, and follows him as soon as he runs away, without Akito, Shishou, Arisa or Saki interefering.
Akito doesn't confront Tohru in the forest.
Tohru doesn't meet Akito in her house until MUCH later in the manga.

And even if Funimation were to release more episodes, I would be hesitant to watch. The manga becomes so much more darker, that I couldn't imagine it being depicted in an anime: it confronts more adult themes, which would be hard to integrate after putting across the image of a happy, 'everything-will-turn-out-okay', child-friendly storyline in the anime.

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Re: the show

Post by zeeflover » Oct 21, 2006 4:05pm

^Yup. You are right there. I doubt that there will be any new Fruits Basket anime episodes...

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Re: the show

Post by Lenfa » Oct 21, 2006 6:11pm

Most fans are trying to convince the director to make another one....
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Re: the show

Post by zeeflover » Oct 26, 2006 1:47pm

^Well, let's just see. Cause the story just keeps getting darker like what Minika said.

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Re: the show

Post by sasuke_rocklee » Mar 24, 2007 8:01am

yea, most likely no more seasons will come out. THe Fruits Basket series was made in 2001 or something. It doesn't seem like another season's going to come out.
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Re: the show

Post by xFlameWolfx » Mar 25, 2007 2:02pm

I don't think they will.It would be awesome if they did,but right now it doesn't seem like there's any hope for another season.
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Re: the show

Post by lil-kawaii-kat » Apr 04, 2007 1:25am

Aww...That's a bummer ==' It would be cool if they made like a second season or something because they left the ending inconclusive- nothing happened to the curse, not all the characters were introduced or anything like that..I think :-k

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