Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

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Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by Spike »

The Sci-Fi Channel will start a block of anime on Mondays starting June 11.

June 11 - Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society
June 18 and 25 - Noein, Tokko, Macross Plus

Can't wait to see the Ghost in the Shell movie. It sounds great.

Does anyone know anything about Tokko? I've heard of the other two.
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Re: Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by Duuz »

I've told people this on another forum, don't get your hopes up too high for this. Years ago the Sci-fi Channel had aired anime movies, only they were all heavily edited. The Sci-fi Channel is owned by NBC and they have the screwiest censors an edits you'll ever see, and if you think Cartoon Network was bad wait until you see this.

The Sci-fi Channel had shown the first Tenchi movie, I know what could they possibly cut from that? There's a scene where Tenchi's hand disinigrates and reforms, dropped from the Sci-fi yet they could show Operative X's blood corps or what was left of it being thrown in front of Achika.

Any one remember that blur on Mai Shiranu's back in Fatal Fury? Sci-fi Channel had a problem with her wearing a thong.

It doesn't matter that it's being aired after 11:00 PM, it's owned by NBC which loves to edit things to death.

So just be prepared to be disappointed when the edits happen. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll grow a pair and leave more stuff in it, but I'm skeptical about it.
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Re: Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by Twilight Night Wolf »

I sounds promising it might turn out good, or it might not all we can do is wait, and see.
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Re: Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by Demonic-Naruto »

Man i can't wait either,I didn't even know that they were gonna do that,thanks for the info. :mrgreen:
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Re: Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by RikkuHimiku »

On want days will it show on?
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Re: Anime coming to Sci-Fi Channel

Post by IamCaleum »

ha! i remember saturday mornings they used to show things like Vampire hunter D (the reason i got into anime) and Sin City somethingorother and they would have something blurred the entire episode. Or in VH-D they wacked out like 15 minutes in one section.
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