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My Momodo:
Name (Human):Ivan (Ai-Ven)
Name (Momodo): Angeon (Aan-Zie-On)
Main Attribute: Light
Spell Book Colour: White-Yellow
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Attitude: Angeon is always active, but when battle comes, he's so serious that if a bulldozer came by, he wouldn't notice.
Angeon is an angel like momodo, he was freed from inside a meteor by Ivan.

Neolazaer (A light beam shoots from Angeon's hand)
Raneozera (A beam barrage shoots from both Angeon's hands)
Scizake (Angeon flies up and shoots a giant sword from nowhere that pins the opponent to the ground)
Angrotect (Angeon spreads wings and takes a guard position to protect him and Ivan)
Renugion (Angeon gathers energy from any light to restore his health)
Solinon (A bright light strikes the enemy down)
Seatheurea (Angeon shoot a sword from between his hands)
Zeranoirsk (A giant angel comes to the enemy and smahes his sword tip-first)
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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((sounds cool!!))

Name (Human): Yukimara
Name (Momodo): Crisis
Main Attribute: Dark and Light
Spell Book Color: Black and White
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Attitude: cold. while has friends is a little bit of a snob. loves to watch the ocean at sunset.
Description: Crisis is a black haired momodo with a touch of white here and there. he carries two wings. one angel, the other one bat. Yukimara came accross Crisis's book while sitting on a rock, gazing at the ocean.

Phazeonlazair- chaos ( a beam of bluish radioactive material is fired from Crisis's hand)
Blooedrazaor- dark (summons a buzz saw with a chain on the end of it as a weapon)
Light Aura- light ( Crisis's attribute becomes light and now he may use only light moves but it unlocks his final Light move)
Dark Aura- dark (Crisis's attribute becomes dark and now he may use only dark moves but it unlocks his final dark move)
Phazeonseal-chaos (creates a layer of phazon that protects crisis from pretty much any attack. if some of the phazon is shattered off, more grows into its place.)
Light Flash-light (Crisis now moves at the speed of light)
Dark Lightning- dark (bolts of red lightning thunder from the sky)
*final move light* god's hammer (Crisis flies into the air and crushes the ground beneath him with such force that mountains flatten)
*final move dark* Incineration (Crisis goes temperarily insane and lights fire to everything around him ((this is very dangerous considering the books could be burned)) )

((this okay?))
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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Color of spell book:light brown
Appearance:short bushy brown hair,purple eyes,has wings,and three dots under each eye
Spells:akateru-wings blow air cutting gusts of wind towards oppenent
akaterumada-wings harden and get bigger to make a sheild
makateruso-recovers heart energy for anyone
taima akateru-makes a huge bird of wind and sand (or whatever is around her) and throws it at the enemy
amaterusoga-allows her to control the wind
dega amateru-similar to akateru but bigger and more destructive
semiteruda-gives her alot more strengeth and speed
amaterugaso-allows her to become invisable for along period of time
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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I do my later it will take a long time for me to do mine to make is fasicnate and it will kick urs dool boddy up
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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Spellbook color:Grey
Element:energy scythes
Mamodo's appearance:looks like kirby except eyes red,shoes purple,has claws,and body's black.
Description:.M.J meet up with Fang while continuing his life.When .M.J was going back home
having a parentless life he bumped into Fang along the way.Fang began explaining the battle
for mamodo king and .M.J accepted in teaming up.

Spells(two so far):
Kiroker:Fang fires an energy sickle at the opponent.(attack)
Kisheild:Fang summons a sheild of scythes to protect him and his partner.(defense)
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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Name: Mizuki Hoshi
Color of spell book: Purple
Appearance: long black or dark blue hair, pale skin, eyes the same color as her hair, a moon shaped marking on her chest, a star on each palm, dark puprle dress and shoes.
Shooting Stars: Stars shoot out of her palms at the enemy
Moon Shield: Moon on her chest makes a shield.
Moonerang: Moon on her chest makes a boomerang
Star shower: She flys up and releases a shower of stars
Star whip: A bunch of stars connect together to make a whip that she can use for attack or retrieval
Moon Sword: Her moon forms a sword
Night light: the moon and stars emit a light bright enough to blind the opponent mommentarily
Night Owl: The area theat they are fighting in goes dark, and she dive bombs the opponent.
Midnight maze: A maze forms It is pitch black inside. The opponent has to follow the right path and get out while avoiding shooting stars and running through star showers
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Re: Make Your Own Momodo

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partner name:tati
age:6 in mamodo years still 6 in human
height:3 feet 6 inches
weight: 60 lbs :-#
book color:lime green
spells: 1.raizen:shoots fire from mouth .2 raizuk:fire sword. 3. bio raizu:fire dragon :shock:
description:brown short hair,brown eyes,green derss, short puffy sleeves,green bow in hair,cute
personalitiy:nice,sweet,strong,gets easily evil and violent (for a 6 year old),doesn't like losing,likes candy
wins/defeats:9 wins no one lived to brag about defeating her. :-" :mrgreen: