Summer 09 Anime ^_^

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Summer 09 Anime ^_^

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i'll keep this one short, i'm not gonna write about anymore this will be very open about just what you are watching/might be watching... too much effort lol...

Poster? with anime : ... anime.jpeg

Video witha probably release times: ... r_embedded

Someone's Blog: ... eview.html (incomplete?)


what i might look into/Breif explanation:
- Zan Sayonara zetsubo sensei (i'm a Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei fan ^_^ this is a must for me lol )
- Winter Sonata (friend said the drama wa s good...i'm just oging to look into this, based off a K-Drama)
- Kanememo (cuz it said fast paced and enjoyable life lol...i like comedic slice of life)
- GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class (...another school sliceo f life...hopefully it's enjoyable)

Will probably end up watching despite not wanting to becasue of the lack of substance:
- Princes Lover!
- Seitoki no Ichizon
Assassin of the Black Knights
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