Viewster launches Omakase gift-box subscription service

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Viewster launches Omakase gift-box subscription service

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So I recently learned about a new anime streaming website called Viewster ( which has a bunch of anime series available to watch for free. I haven't had time to watch more than a handful of episodes, but so far so great! Even though the videos aren't high-def (yet...) they still look great playing in a 1050x590 window within my browser. There is a button to make the video play full screen and even that looks pretty good. I had no buffering or latency issues whatsoever, every episode ran perfectly smooth.

But there's a bunch of anime streaming sites out there so why am I writing about this one? Well, have you ever heard of LootCrate? It's a subscription service that sends you a gift box each month filled with an assortment of goodies that would appeal to nerds, geeks, gamers, and basically anyone who loves sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, and videogames. Well, Viewster just started a similar gift box service specifically for anime fans! It's called Omakase, and for $29 every 2 months you'll receive a box in the mail filled with anime-related merchandise. The November/December box I received was all about the popular anime Kill la Kill and included the following:
  • Exclusive Kill la Kill Manga Vol. 1 Gold Foil Hard Cover Edition
  • Exclusive Senketsu Scarf
  • Mako Towel
  • Mitsu Boshi Wristband
  • Guts Button
The manga volume is impressive with its reflective gold coloring on the 8 x 6.5 inch hard bound cover; definitely nicer looking than the smaller soft-cover manga volumes I mostly have on my bookcases. Inside I found that they kept the original Japanese back-to-front reading order which may take a little getting used to if you're new to manga but it's what I prefer (just like I prefer original Japanese dialog with English subtitles when watching anime). This is an exclusive item to Omakase so if you didn't get this gift box then you'll have to wait until someone is desperate enough for money that they list theirs on eBay.

The other exclusive item in this kit is a Senketsu Scarf which comes in a resealable plastic bag, and the scarf itself is on a hanger so you can hang it in your closet with all your other cosplay costumes. The Mako bath towel is probably the most useful of all the items since you can use it every time you shower, unless rubbing Mako's face all over your naked body makes you feel a bit to pervy. There's also a card included that tells all about the included items on one side and on then on the back side is a nice piece of Kill la Kill artwork.

And if all that wasn't enough for you, yet another little bonus to this subscription is that you get ad-free anime streaming. So if you're an anime fan with a bit of disposable income I'd highly recommend checking out Viewster's Omakase gift box subscription service. And if you're an anime fan with zero disposable income you can still check out Viewster and watch anime for free.
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