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beyblade combat meta.

Posted: Dec 15, 2021 2:33pm
by amandakelly74
Everyone I hear giving his opinion about it, say it sucks, looks dumb, hurts brain logic, etc.
People seem to go along with it because it is not used much in group combat.
however, I will say, if it's more efficient to land hits: it will be used in group combat when people will be comfortable enough with it.
post below your simple propositions that would solve the problem, even partially.
my turn: (and / or)
1) can't turn while you are jumping: no triple loots ... this is not skating.
2) when you spin, your feet on the ground, you get a huge knockdown balance debuff, so any blunt hit going over a certain threshold of damage would knock you down.
3) when you spin too much, you get dizzy; erratic camera + puking for X seconds.
4) slashing the right side while spinning clockwise makes you deal 0 damage, and vice versa.