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Character Profile: Kyo Sohma

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kyo Sohma Kyou Sohma Kyo Sohma (Fruit Basket)
Kyo Sohma (Fruit Basket)
Kyo-Kyo(by his classmates) Kyo-Kyo(by his classmates)
· · ·
Lucky Kyo(by Ayame) Lucky Kyo(by Ayame)
· · ·
  Kyonkitchi(by Ayame)
· · ·
Kyon-Kyon(by Uo-chan and Ayame) Kyon-Kyon(by Uo-chan and Ayame)
· · ·
Human/Cat Human/Cat
Male Male
16 years old(source: DVD character profiles) 16 years old(source: DVD character profiles)
Orange Orange
Reddish-brown Reddish-brown
5'7" 171.3 cm
123.5 lbs 56 kg
Cursed Cursed
"Damn Rat"  
· · ·
"You're so full of it!"  
Jerry Jewell Seki Tomokazu
Fruit Basket Fruits Basket

Character Description: Kyo Sohma

Kyo is the cat or outcast of the zodiac. Whenever he embraces a person of the opposite gender, he transforms into a cat. Kyo is really sensitive, so it is easy to get him pissed off. Whenever he loses his temper, he says mean things without thinking about what he's saying.

Kyo is also really competitive with Yuki. He will get in a fist fight or argument, but Yuki always beats him or has a comeback. He even has to live with Yuki. Both of them have a crush on their housekeeper, Tohru, which leads to a lot of problems in their house.

Kyo hides a secret, that he doesn't ever want Tohru to know. This secret is revealed later on in the series.

In the manga, Kyo is often called "Carrot Top".

Character Description: Kyo Sohma

This is the outcast of the family, Kyo Sohma. He doesn't belong to the Chinese Zodiac exactly. In the story, the rat (Yuki Sohma) tricked the cat into thinking the banquet for the animals was a different day. In result, Kyo has never been treated like a true member of the Sohmas. It also means he cannot attend the Zodiac Banquet, just like in the story.

He lives in Shigure's house along with Yuki, Shigure himself, and Tohru Honda. Yuki is the Rat, Shigure is the Dog, and Tohru Honda really is something.

Tohru Honda was living in a tent as so not to burden her friends and family while her grandfather was having renovations to his house done. Yuki Sohma stumbled upon her, and invited her to be their new housekeeper.

Kyo and Yuki both took quickly to Tohru, but she had to leave when the house was finished. In the end, they took her back; she wasn't happy at her grandfather's house.

Kyo took a liking to her, especially after she accepted his darkest secret.

Since the cat didn't attend the banquet, Kyo must always wear his red and white beads so he doesn't turn into the Cat's Evil Spirit (the red are supposedly colored with sacrificed blood and all the beads are made of bone). The Cat's Evil Spirit is what built up after the Cat realized he had been fooled. The Evil Spirit is Kyo's true form, and it is hideous. But Tohru somehow managed to get through to him, after much heartache, though.

Kyo has a very bad temper, but when he's around Tohru, he seems to be a little sweeter and more calm.

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