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Megumi HanajimaMegumi HanajimaMegumi Hanajima (Fruits Basket)
The Trio's BodyguardThe Trio's Bodyguard
13 years old13 years old
Saki's younger brotherSaki's younger brother
"By the way I still asked your names yet""By the way I still asked your names yet"
Episode 18Episode 18
Fruits BasketFruits Basket

Character Description: Megumi Hanajima

Megumi and Saki are extremely close. Megumi has always been there for Saki, and when he learned of his sister's powers, he, not wanting his sister to be the only "weird one" in the family, studied the art of curses until he finally mastered it. He and Saki both enjoy wearing black, because they feel "calm" in that color. He joined Saki in her predicament so that she would not be alone in her sufferings. Megumi's name is a small joke, for the name "Megumi" means "blessing", while Megumi himself studies how to put curses on people.

Megumi has never actually been seen using his power to curse anyone. When the Prince Yuki Fan Club attempted to weaken Tohru's defenses by finding and using Saki's weakness, Megumi joined his sister in scaring them away. His dark demeanor and his ability to "guess" the girl's names frightened them from the house. The next day, Saki mentioned that the girls would all be cursed in three days' time. While it seems possible for Megumi to do this, since he claimed that all he would need were the girls' names, the manga never shows what happens, so Saki could have been bluffing.

Like his sister, he is also highly mature for his age, not only in intelligence and behaviour but as well as in sexual maturity, as Arisa states when he makes a comment how he came to her restaurant only to see her in a miniskirt: "You know, you really don't act like a middle schooler; more like a lecherous old man." (This only happens in the manga.) Megumi, for his part, has been called the trio's "bodyguard" and seems to consider himself as such as he goes through a good deal of trouble to aid Arisa and his sister in their guarding of Tohru. Megumi seems to admire her very much and will do anything to help her.

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