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Momiji SohmaMomiji SohmaMomiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)
15 years old15 years old
5'1"155.8 cm
104.7 lbs47.5 kg
"Wah-ah-ah! Kyo-o's picking on me-e!"
Kimberly GrantAyaka Saito
Fruits BasketFruits Basket

Character Description: Momiji Sohma

Momiji likes Tohru when he first meets her. He is the younger cousin of Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. He takes Tohru to a hot spring in return for Valentine's chocolates.

Although Momiji acts kind, he has a terrible secret about his mother. He vows that he'll always keep all of his memories no matter how bad or good, because he knows that someday, he'll be able to overlook the pain and be able to remember.

Momiji is cursed with the spirit of the rabbit. Because of this, his mother hated him and so Hatori had to erase her mind. Momiji then watches her and his little sister, Momo, from afar but his father forbid him to let them see him.

When Momiji is accidentally spotted by both his mother and Momo, Momo thinks Momiji looks like her mom. Momo then asks Tohru to tell Momiji that she wants him to be her big brother.

In the manga, Momiji seems to grow right after his curse is broke. He seems to be somewhere around Kyo's height, or at the very least taller than Tohru.

Momiji Sohma (Fruits Basket)

Character Description: Momiji Sohma

Momiji is a very energetic boy. He immediately likes Tohru, and wants to be her friend. He and Hatsuharu go to their high school in episode 13. He is always crying because Kyo picks on him.

Despite acting sort of childish, Momiji is a very nice kid.

Just because of his dark past, his mother had felt bad for him, so she decided to forget everything about Momiji. Poor Momiji, he can now do anything 'nor wear anything' and be a childish boy. He stopped going to school for a while and lived with his dad.

When Momiji met Honda Tohru, he started going to the 7th Grade. He is very cheerful. He also has a little sister, Momo. Of course, she doesn't know that Momiji is her older brother. Aside from his past, he has a bright future to face!

This ORB-EYED teenage boy is gonna rule the world because of his self-made-rules!

Character Description: Momiji Sohma

Those possessed by the Sohma curse are born two months early. This alone put a great amount of pressure on Momiji's mother, and to make things worse, when she tried to hold him he transformed. After this, Momiji's mother "broke". She was unable to smile, and she would snap when ever she saw him. It became so bad that they had to erase her memory. Momiji believed that, no matter how awful a memory is, it shouldn't be erased, but in order to help his mother recover, he agreed to have Hatori erase her memories.

Afterwards, his mother recovered, and Momiji was not allowed to see her or his little sister Momo. His mother knows that he is part of the Sohma family, but believes he is someone else's son. Because she is not supposed to know him, he watches both Momo and his mother from afar.

Despite his awful past, he's a very perky young boy. He's part German and part Japanese, and he constantly switches between the two languages naturally.

When he first met Tohru, he instantly liked her, and decided to be her friend. But the second time they met, he ended up hugging her on purpose and causing a great deal of trouble at Tohru's school. In the end, everything came out okay.

Momiji is very energetic, like the rabbit that possesses him, and he's a very nice kid. He may look like he's still in middle school, but haven't you heard, looks can be deceiving... Momiji is actually in his first year of high school, along with Hatsuharu Sohma. He attends the same school as Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru. On his first day at school, he chose to where the girl's uniform, and the student council president began to pick on Momiji. But that doesn't happen anymore. Haru went black and now Momiji can wear the girl's uniform.

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