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Tohru HondaTohru HondaTohru Honda (Fruits Basket)
Ms. Honda (by Akito)Honda-san (by Yuki)
· · ·
Sissy (by Kisa)Onee-chan ("big sister") (by Kisa)
16 years old16 years old
Light BrownLight Brown
5'2"156.7 cm
101.4 lbs46 kg
Housekeeper Of the Sohma HouseHousekeeper Of the Sohma House
"Thank you for everything you've done for me."
Laura BaileyYui Horie
Fruits BasketFruits Basket

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo and Moon Costumes.

Character Description: Tohru Honda

Sixteen-year-old Tohru Honda's life seems to get stranger and stranger. After a string of tragic and bizarre circumstances, Tohru found herself working as a housekeeper for the Sohma family. Tohru's generous nature, sympathetic heart, and friendly manner are in stark contrast to the prevailing mood in the Sohma House. Her calm, caring compassion is obvious as she kindly puts everyone else's needs above her own.

Tohru is a very kind girl who is always looking on the bright side of everything. Despite the attitude anyone else shows her, she always shows kindness. She even influenced Kyo and Yuki to tone the constant fighting down.

She is usually very deep in thought, and due to this fact, she is very clumsy. In turn for her room at Shigure's house, she cleans the house and makes all their meals for them. And no matter how much Yuki or Kyo get depressed or angry, she never gives up trying to get them to look on the bright side. She even blows all of her money to buy everyone chocolates for Valentine's day in episode 11.

Before she met Yuki and Shigure, she had been living in a tent on what she did not know was their property. Tohru was at first only offered a night there to recover from a fever. Then in the morning, Yuki asked her if she would like to stay there. Things get interesting when she finds out the Sohma family curse.

Character Description: Tohru Honda

Tohru has had a pretty rough life, but doesn't show it around people. She loves to help people. She first meets Yuki Sohma and Shigure Sohma when she stops to look at some rocks outside a house that have the Chinese Zodiac animals, but the cat was not among them.

Shigure comes out to see her looking at them. Yuki comes out after a bit. Shortly after meeting Tohru, Yuki and Shigure discover that Tohru has been living in a tent on their property, and so they invite her to stay with them at their house temporarily. She agrees and moves in and starts get to know them and the other Sohma's more and more over time. She moves in for a longer term after Kyo and Yuki go and tell her in their own way that she belongs with them and the miss her.

Tohru Honda is a hopelessly optimistic school girl whose goal in life is to fulfill her mother's dream of finishing high school. She lives with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Souma of the elusive cursed Souma clan. She struggles to keep the Souma curse a secret, and to please the other family members.

Tohru's naivety is only surpassed by her endless kindness. She is also very nervous (which also makes her clumsy). She's constantly being bombarded with hugs from Momiji just because he knows its safe to hug her.

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