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Anime Profile: Full Moon Wo Sagashite

USA Info
Japanese Info
Full Moon Wo Sagashite Full Moon Wo Sagashite(ζΊ€ζœˆ γ‚’γ•γŒγ—γ¦)("Searching for the Full Moon") Full Moon Wo Sagashite
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Full Moon O Sagashite Full Moon O Sagashite(フルムーン γ‚’γ•γŒγ—γ¦)(alternate spelling)
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Searching for the Full Moon Searching for the Full Moon
  52 TV episodes, 1 special
  April 2002–March 2003
Studio Deen  
  Tanaemura Arina
  Toshiyuki Kato
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Eichi Sakurai Eichi Sakurai
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Izumi Lio Izumi Rio
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, though the manga was available at Amazon.com.

Anime Characters: Full Moon Wo Sagashite

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Eichi Sakurai Eichi Sakurai Full Moon Full Moon
Izumi Lio Izumi Rio Jonathan(Sheldon) Jonathan(Sheldon)
Masami Ooshige Masami Ooshige Madoka Wakamatsu Madoka Wakamatsu
Meroko Yui Meroko Yui Obaa-san Obaa-san
Mitsuki Kouyama Mitsuki Kouyama Wakaouji-sensei Wakaouji-sensei
Takuto Kira Takuto Kira    

Anime Description: Full Moon Wo Sagashite

Full Moon Wo Sagashite is about a 12-year-old girl named Kouyama Mitsuki who dreams to become a singer one day. But only two things are stopping her, her grandma and her throat tumour, which means that she will live only for a year.

One faithful day, she mets Takuto and Meroko, two death angels who've come to take her away. But they are suprised that she can see them because only the dead can see them. She tells them her story and they feel sorry for her, so they help her fulfill the things she always wantd before her life shortens, like become a singer and finding her long lost love.

Anime Description: Full Moon Wo Sagashite

A young girl named Mitsuki wants to be a singer so she can impress a boy named Eichi Sakurai who moved to America, but she has throat cancer and her grandmother does not like music. She has an audition at Seed Records studio but cannot go. Two Gods of Death come and tell her that she has one year left to live.

Knowing this, she runs off and goes to the audition. They chase her and finally catch up to her and try to bring her back. They eventually let her audition and turn her into a healthy 16 year old so she may audition.

A girl in the audition room tells her that they have already decided on a singer but she goes in and auditions anyway. She doesn't sing loud enough, thinking that she is still sick and cries and tries to run away but Takuto stops her and tells her that she is fine and can sing as loud as she wants. She sings and does a great job, so great that she gets picked.

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