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Character Profile: Lieutenant Colonel Frank Archer

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Lieutenant Colonel Frank ArcherLieutenant Colonel Frank ArcherLieutenant Colonel Frank Archer (Fullmetal Alchemist)
"With more of these, not even Greed will be a threat."
Troy BakerSho Hayami
Fullmetal AlchemistHagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Lieutenant Colonel Frank Archer

Colonel Archer is one of the few military figures that knows the Fuhrer's secret. He doesn't mind that his boss is a homunculus, however, and merely takes orders as if he were taking them from a human.

Colonel Archer is all for war, and dedicates himself to starting another. When Kimblee leaks info on Greed's hideout, it is Colonel Archer who sends troops. Archer then makes Kimblee his assistant, and Pride sends the Crimson Alchemist after Ed.

Archer was the one who led the military assault on Lior, which caused the deaths of thousands when the city itself turned out to be a giant transmutation circle. Archer lost 7000 troops, as well as half of his body.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Archer (Fullmetal Alchemist) That half was heavily replaced by automail, turning him into an insane fighting machine. He attacked both Izumi and Ed at central, displaying a machine gun hidden in his mouth.

Izumi made Ed flee, saying that she could handle both Archer and the soldiers that were accompanying him. He proved to be too much for her however, and would have killed her if it weren't for the timely rescue by the rebellion.

Despite gunfire, grenades, and dozens of soldiers literally throwing themselves at him, Archer continued his rampage of destruction. When he received word that the Fuhrer was under attack by Roy Mustang, the colonel quickly made his way to Pride's residence.

Along the way his car crashed into the car carrying the Fuhrer's wife and son, killing Pride's wife. When Archer heard that Riza was a traitor, he immediately opened fire on her.

After wounding Riza, Archer made his way to the Fuhrer's residence on foot. He made it to the scene just as Roy, heavily wounded, was exiting Pride's house after a fierce battle.

Archer opened fire on Roy, but only managed to shoot his eye out before Riza appeared and shot him in the back. Archer crumpled dead to the ground without another word.

Note: Some fans dispute on several things involving Archer. One of which is this fairly good question: "If Archer survived grenades, gunfire, and a car crash, how the heck did Riza kill him by simply shooting him in the back?" My opinion is that Riza's gunfire pierced vital organs, while the other attacks merely damaged Archer's nearly invulnerable front side. Whether this is the case or not, we'll never know.

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