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ClaraClaraClara (Fullmetal Alchemist)
24 years old24 years old
Phantom Thief; nurse; school teacher; nunPhantom Thief; nurse; school teacher; nun
"A lot can happen in a lifetime, kid.""chibi-chan~"
Luci ChristianMiho Shirasiashi
Fullmetal AlchemistHagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Clara

Psiren Clara, or the well-known theif Psiren, is a nurse at a hospital in the city of Aquroya by day and a theiving beauty by night. When she first met Edward and Alphonse, she was giving Ed a shot for food poisening. Al thought she was a lot like their mother in a way, and felt she was a very kind person at heart.

Later, when her identity was revealed to them when Ed accidentaly saw she had a transmutation cirlce on her chest like Psiren, she told them a story about how the hospital was to be demolished, and she was only stealing to keep the hospital's fate from becoming a reality. Because of this story, Ed helped her escape a trap the police had set for her, in hopes she could save the hospital. The Elrics had high hopes for her... until the next moring when they discovered the hospital had been destroyed anyway.

Clara- as a nun Clara made up another story, saying she hadn't made it in time, and she had become a nun (yes, that's right, a nun) to espcape her sins. She also told them that she was stealing for the soon-to-be-demolished chuch now, and once again Ed let her go free and steal. The next day, the church was demolished as well. This time Clara was a schoolhouse teacher, and... well, I think you can guess the rest of the story. Ed was furious that she was jerking them around, and also mad at himself for letting her trick him into thinking she was one of the "good guys."

Clara- as a teacher Later, a man told them about the horrible fate of Aquroya-- the city was sinking, and would be underwater in under five years. Psiren was their star of hope in a way, because she brought in tourists from all over. Because she had shown up, they were getting one last gold rush before they sunk. Ed and Al had no idea what to beleive any more-- they only wanted Psiren to be captured now, at least until they discovered for themselves the truth. Eventually, Ed captured her, and she told him a bit of information about the Philosopher's Stone, sending Ed and Al on their next journey.

She may be a big flirt and a little bit of a joker at times, but Clara cares for the city of Auqroya, and she loves to toy with the minds of others, especially the police and the Elric Brothers. She may be a hero of the people; she might be a common theif; but whatever she is, those who have heard of her, once they have, will never forget her. She'll make sure of that.

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