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DanteDanteDante (Fullmetal Alchemist)Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Over 400 years old (appears about 25)Over 400 years old (appears about 25)
Brown, Gray (old woman), Black (Lyra's body)Brown, Gray (old woman), Black (Lyra's body)
About 5'6" (estimated based on Ed's hight)About 168 cm (estimated based on Ed's hight)
Fullmetal AlchemistHagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Dante

Dante is the creator of most of the homunculi, and, in my opinion, isn't really a major person in the series. She appears to be a nice person on the outside, but is actually a horrible person.

Dante and Hohenheim (Hohenheim is Ed and Al's father) used the Philosopher's Stone to switch bodies with other people, thinking they could be with each other and live forever. Then Hohenheim falls in love with Trisha, who is Ed and Al's mother.

Because of this, Dante feels a grudge against Ed and Al. She feels as if it's their fault that Hohenheim left her.

She calls Envy Ed and Al's brother because their father (Hohenheim) created Envy hundreds of years ago. Envy also resembles Hohenheim just as Ed and Al do.

Dante's soul, along with Hohenheim's, begin to rot and fade away. Hohenheim tries to tell her this but she refuses to believe it. Before her elderly body gets killed, she is able to transfer her soul into Lyra's body.

She can open "The Gate" by using alchemy with Rose's newborn baby. When Wrath is behaving badly and not listening, Dante will put Wrath into The Gate. After she had done this once, every time Dante summons The Gate Wrath freaks out and starts hugging Sloth, who Wrath thinks is his mother, and won't let go of her.

Dante realizes Alphonse is the Philosopher's Stone and she encloses him in a seal. If any transmutations occur by him, no one knows what will happen. Ed comes out of the gate and starts kicking some serious butt and eventually get everything back to normal.

Overall, Dante is, put simply, is a very evil person.

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