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Character Profile: Hohenheim of Light

USA Info
Japanese Info
Hohenheim of LightHohemheim of LightHohenheim of Light (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Hohenheim ElricHohemheim Elric
About 40 years old (body), Over 400 years old (spirit)About 40 years old (body), Over 400 years old (spirit)
Ed and Al's fatherEd and Al's father
Scott McneilMasashi Ebara
Fullmetal AlchemistHagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Hohenheim of Light

Hohemheim is the husband of Trisha Elric and the father of Ed and Al. He is not a state Alchemist, though is known well in the military... or at least to some in the military. When Al was still only a baby he would stay in his study reading his alchemy books, not paying any attention to his family or duties as a father and husband. After a few years he leaves home (as he didn't want them to witness his rotting body)... and never returns.

It is because of Hohemheim's lack of fatherly attention to Ed and Al that Edward hates his father. That and the fact that he didn't even come home for Trisha's funeral. Ed and Al tried to contact him from the letters he had sent to friends over the years, but he never returns and seems to have not only vanished from the lives of his family...but off the face of the Earth.

Hohenheim Elric Hohemheim is also somehow linked with the villains known as the Sins.

Hohenheim's body may be about 40 years old, but his soul is over 400. Apparently he's been using a Philosopher's Stone to switch his soul from body to body, which we learn in episode 47.

Hohenheim is the father of Envy. Envy was the child of Hohenheim and Dante who died of Mercury poisoning. In attempting to bring Envy back, Hohenheim abandoned his attempts and left. That is why Envy loaths the Elric name.

Editor’s Note:

There is a little debate about the official spelling of this character's name, either Hohemheim or Hohenheim. In episode 3, his name can be clearly seen written as "Hohemheim" on some envelopes, and three times no less. However, in the US dub it clearly sounds as if the name is pronounced with an "N", and as someone was kind enough to point out, that is how it is spelled in the English subtitles and the book that came with Conquerer of Shambala. For these reasons, I am calling the US spelling "Hohenheim" and the Japanese spelling "Hohemheim".

Also note that Elric is Trisha's last name, not Hohemheim's. Ed and Al used their mom's last name since they didn't want any ties to Hohenheim of Light

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