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RoseRoseRose (Fullmetal Alchemist)
About 18 years oldAbout 18 years old
Orphan who lost her boyfriendOrphan who lost her boyfriend
"May Leto bless you!"
Colleen Clickenbeard
Episode 1: To Challange the Sun (anime)Episode 1: To Challange the Sun (anime)
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Chapter 1: The Two Alchemists (manga)Chapter 1: The Two Alchemists (manga)
Fullmetal AlchemistHagane no Renkin Jutsushi

Character Description: Rose

Rose is a girl who lives in a town with no family, and she used to have a boyfriend, up until a year ago when there was an accident. There were some people who felt sorry for her. Until father Cornello came, and taught the whole town about the sun god Leto.

When the Elric brothers came to the town, she goes to a food bar, for food on her way to the temple. She sees Father Cornello, and he knew what she was going to ask, but he replies "It is not yet time, Rose." She does see the Elric brothers, and they talked about some things that didn't make sense to her. She does let the Elric brothers see Father Cornello, but brother Cray let Father Cornello know about the Elric brothers. He says to brother Cray "Lets just say... THEY NEVER CAME HERE. How does that sound?

As brother Cray was escorting Rose and the Elric brothers to Father Cornello, he shot Al's head off. Rose didn't understand when the suit of armor was empty... but still moving! Edward tells her that he guesses that the sun god showed his true colors, but she doesn't believe it. Edward asks Rose "Do you have the courage to face the truth?"

She hears everything that Father Cornello says in Al's suit of armor. She gets upset about what he said, and he tells Rose that he will resurrect him. She does believe in Father Cornello, but the stone that he has is a fake. She gets upset asking, "What do I do? What am I supposed to believe in now?" All that Edward tells her is "Stand up and walk. Keep going forward. At least you have strong legs to take you there."

In the anime, Father Cornello had a bird to sound like Rose's boyfriend behind a curtain. She believes that it's her boyfriend, until she sees him again, and sees a bed full of dead birds. She is in later episodes.

The Movie

Rose does make a couple appearances in the movie. It is hinted that Rose was raped when the military invaded Lior since she has a child by the time Edward returned. Scar doesn't directly say it but it's hinted since there is a scene of Rose feeding her child and gentle suckling can be heard.

Also, some say that Rose has three children in the movie. Most likely she adopted two children, but one of the boys is definitely her child from the series. She is seen with the children when she makes her first appearance in the movie and in her last appearance at the end of the film. The father is unknown.

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