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Character Profile: Tasuki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tasuki Tasuki Tasuki (Fushigi Yûgi)
Genro Genro
· · ·
Gen-Chan Gen-Chan
· · ·
Fang boy Fang boy
Human Human
Male Male
17 years(born April 18) 17 years(born April 18)
Red-orange Red-orange
Amber Amber
5'10" 178 cm
Type B Type B
Suzaku Warrior Suzaku Warrior
"Rekka Shin'en"  
Jack Hammer, James Penrod(episodes 27-30), Sean Thornton(episodes 45-47), Daran Norris, Robby Bowmen Nobutoshi Hayashi
Fushigi Yûgi Fushigi Yuugi

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Tasuki

Born April 18, in the town of Tai-Tou, Ko prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Lige in Hong-Nan (Konan). Tasuki's mark of the seven Stars of Suzaku is on his right arm (it's the sign of the wing).

He is a mercurial soul, very masculine with a strong sense of responsibility. He is quick to fight, but shy underneath and easily moved to tears. He is a bit of a misogynist, perhaps this is related to growing up in a family of women. He has a busty and bossy mother, a father who is reserved (a coward), and five older sisters that treat him like dirt. Due to his family life, at age 15, Tasuki left home and became a bandit. His sun sign is Aries, he enjoys brawling, drinking, and flaming Tamahome. He dislikes milk and women (to an extent) and he is skilled in martial arts, speed, and controlling fire using his iron halisen (the fan, which later becomes diamond).

His best friend is Kouji and he was also really close to the leader of the bandits, Hakurou, who gave him the nickname Genro. It was when Hakurou fell deathly ill that Tasuki went to retrieve a cure, but upon his return the bandit leader was already dead and this ugly evil guy, Eiken, took the magic harisen and control in Tasuki's absence (Tasuki was supposed to be the new leader). This is where we encounter Tasuki for the first time vol. 4 chap 20, or episode 14. He kidnaps Miaka and uses her as a bargaining chip only to end up helping her, yet he doesn't reveal that he is the Suzaku Warrior Tasuki, until later. He is very protective of his priestess and treats her like a kid sister. Chiriko also looks up to him as a role model of sorts.

In the OVA, Tasuki devloped feelings for Miaka after giving her mouth-to-mouth when she nearly drowned; and then it even came to an extent when he tricked her into getting drunk and trying to rape her. Oh yeah, and before that, he went to beat up the reincarnated Tamahome (known as Taka).

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