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Character Profile: Allenby Beardsley

USA Info
Japanese Info
Allenby BeardsleyAllenby Beardsley (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
17 years (born July 24, FC43)17 years (born July 24, FC43)
5'1"155 cm
99 lbs45 kg
Type OType O
Gundam Fighter for Neo-Sweden (pilots Nobel Gundam)Gundam Fighter for Neo-Sweden (pilots Nobel Gundam)
Carol Anne DayNarumi Hidaka
Mobile Fighter G GundamKidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Allenby Beardsley

Allenby's emergence in the later stages of the Gundam Fight is surprising in more ways than one. It all starts when a Gundam, seemingly with the ability to go berserk, defeats Argo Gulskii and the Bolt Gundam in under a minute. Then, Domon comes across a girl playing a virtual fighter with surprising capability. Itching to test her out, Domon challenges the girl, and the two prove to be quite a handful for the virtual fighter machine. The two of them soon realize who each other was, and they soon develop a friendship in fists. They agree to test each other further in their upcoming match.

Allenby Beardsley But when Neo-Sweden's technicians decide to activate Berserk Mode (against her wishes), it takes everything Domon has to snap Allenby back to her senses. But snap back she did, and Neo-Sweden is forced to admit that she's come into her own.

Allenby is an orphan who was taken in by the Neo-Swedish government and trained and conditioned to be a perfect soldier. However, under all the technology is a sprightly girl who, like the Shuffle Alliance, wants to prove herself with her own abilities. She and Domon have a lot in common: being orphaned and being thrown into the Gundam Fight more or less against their will. This tends to make Rain really jealous since Allenby seems to get along with Domon in ways Rain can't, but Rain doesn't hold it against Allenby.

Though she doesn't bear a Shuffle crest, the alliance regards her with due respect. She's eager to help Domon out: with sparring matches, new technologies, a general helping hand (she and Domon even proved to be a good tag team). Even Master Asia has to admit that, given time, she could really be something.

In an unusual note, the Nobel Gundam seems to take its appearance and style from a certain popular series from Sunrise's rival Toei. Still, it's a surprising Gundam, even without its infamous Berserk Mode. Its main weapons are a beam whip and beam hoop, as well as the standard head vulcans.

Perhaps it is Allenby's fighting spirit that draws the attention of Prime Minister Wong, but her role in this Gundam FIght will take on a much darker twist.

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