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Master AsiaMaster Asia (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Undefeated of the EastTouhoufuhai
50 years (born February 10, FC10)50 years (born February 10, FC10)
6'4"193 cm
187 lbs85 kg
Type ABType AB
Gundam Fighter for Neo-Hong Kong, former King of HeartsGundam Fighter for Neo-Hong Kong, former King of Hearts
Dave PettittYousuke Akimoto
Mobile Fighter G GundamKidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Master Asia

Domon Kasshu's trainer and later enemy, Master Asia piloted the Haow [Kowloon] Gundam to victory against Neo-Japan and the title in the 12th Gundam Fight just 4 years ago. But my how things have changed.

After the completion of Domon's training, Master Asia had simply disappeared. The two would not meet again until Domon returned to Shinjuku, where Master Asia was leading a ragtag force in defense of what was left of Tokyo. In reality, however, Master Asia had changed in the last year, having discovered untold power in the Dark Gundam [Devil Gundam] that had landed and becoming a willing aide to its master. It would only be later that Domon would learn the truth... when Master Asia accosted Domon Kasshu in the powerful Master Gundam and demonstrated the power of its Darkness Finger.

Domon grows angry and bitter, and it would only be after a stark lesson from Schwarz Bruder that Domon decides to train rather than face Master Asia openly again. Master Asia would in turn follow Domon to Guyana in an attempt to interrupt his training, but he would ultimately be too late. In the last critical hours before the Gundam Fight Finals are to commence, Domon finally masters his true inner power and is able to defeat Master Asia and escape in the Burning Gundam.

Contrary to Domon's expectations, though, Master Asia manages to return to Neo-Hong-Kong to defend his title in the Master Gundam. He's now very interested in Domon's continued development, especially after Domon boldly claims he would defeat all comers so he would face his former teacher. Prime Minister Wong tries to stop Domon, sometimes using methos Master Asia doesn't approve, but he usually ends up laughing in the Prime Minister's face when his underhanded tricks fail.

But when Wong decides to turn the power of the recovered Dark Gundam against Domon, Master Asia decides to give Domon one more lesson so he could face his later challenges. He teaches Domon his most secret, his ultimate technique, Sekiha Tenkyoken. The lessons over, Master Asia waits patiently for the fight he and Domon are anticipating.

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