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Character Profile: Sai Saishi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sai Saishi Sai Saishi Sai Saishi (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Ace of Clubs  
Human Human
Male Male
16 years(born March 31, FC43) 16 years(born March 31, FC43)
Black Black
Hazel Hazel
4'4" 132 cm
70.4 lbs 32 kg
Type A Type A
Gundam pilot for Neo-China(pilots Dragon Gundam) Gundam pilot for Neo-China(pilots Dragon Gundam)
  Kappei Yamaguchi
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Kidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Sai Saishi

Sai Saishi is the last hope of the fading Shaolin Temple. He was sent to space by his father to learn the martial arts so he could return as the Gundam Fighter for Neo-China. Unfortunately, a fluke separated him from his Gundam in the initial stages of the tournament, forcing him to resort to a number of tricks to get his Gundam back from bandits who beat him to it. Now, he's under the watchful eyes of Zuisen and Keuin, two Shaolin monks.

At first, Sai seems every bit a kid: short of stature, tending to call the other Gundam Fighters "bro", and always up for pulling a prank or two. But once he's in a fight, no one can deny that he earned Shuffle Alliance his title "Ace of Clubs". His Kung Fu skills are just about on a par with Domon himself, and his skill in a mobile fighter is perhaps second only to the King of Hearts.

The Dragon Gundam is Asian to the core, drawing on generations of Chinese tradition. Its two arms, the Dragon Claws, are extendible and can shoot fire (bears great similarity to the Dragon Fangs of the Wing universe: see also Gundam Wing / Wufei Chang). It can also employ a dozen Feilong Fangs (they resemble flaming flags) to confuse and trap its opponent. Its braid is also a weapon, the Benpatto, providing it with a surprising close-range attack.

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