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Schwarz BruderSchwarz Bruder (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Wild Card
Android (made of DG Cells)Android (made of DG Cells)
28 years old (born May 20, FC31)28 years old (born May 20, FC31)
6'4"194 cm
178 lbs81 kg
Type OType O
Gundam Fighter for Neo-Germany (pilots Shadow Gundam)Gundam Fighter for Neo-Germany (pilots Shadow Gundam)
Matt EmbryHideyuki Hori
Mobile Fighter G GundamKidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Schwarz Bruder

Though he represents Neo-Germany, there is something distinctly Neo-Japanese about this masked Gundam Fighter. He is a man of incredible skill, possessing many of the quality of the ninja of lore.

Schwarz first comes to Domon's attention during the incidents in Shinjuku, when he tries to explain to Domon that he needed to become a real fighter, not one driven by anger and rage. After Schwarz almost brutally made his point, Domon convinced himself to go to Guyana and learn how to bring out Shining Gundam's Super Mode at will. Schwarz leaves him a rusty katana and a challenge: if Domon can cut through a tree with that rusty sword, he's learned the secret to his true strength.

Throughout Domon's training, Schwarz gives Domon hints and help until Domon finally realizes that it's serene calm, rather than rage, that is the key to summoning Super Mode. Schwarz returns to the picture in Neo-Hong Kong, with the rumblings of the Dark Gundam's return. No one save Master Asia knows Schwarz's real identity (and its discovery proved to be quite a shock). Who is the man behind the mask? Rain seems to have a very odd feeling of familiarity whenever she in in his company. Could this have to do with his real identity?

Schwarz is not part of the shuffle alliance, but he's considered a "wildcard", acting like the big brother that his German name implies and helping Domon and the rest of the Shuffle Alliance in their development.

Schwarz Bruder's ninja style is also apparent when he fights in the Shadow Gundam [Gundam Spiegel]. Its two Shadow Knives, though ordinary-looking, have the ability to cut through almost anything (especially when used in its special attack, the Strum und Drang). He also possesses an iron net and the ability to hide in a cloak of invisibility.

It is in Neo-Hong Kong that Domon finally has to come face to face with Schwarz in one of his most grueling matches... and by defeating Schwarz, Domon gets the shock of his life. All this time, Schwarz had really been Kyoji, his brother! But if he's Kyoji... then who's the Kyoji that pilots the Dark Gundam?

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