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Character Profile: Prime Minister Wong Yun-Fat

USA Info
Japanese Info
Prime Minister Wong Yun-Fat   Wong Yun Fat
Human Human
Male Male
23 years 23 years
Dark green, tied back in a ponytail Dark green, tied back in a ponytail
Maroon(often hidden behind sunglasses) Maroon(often hidden behind sunglasses)
6'1" 185 cm
152 lbs 65 kg
Prime Minister of Neo Hong Kong and all of space Prime Minister of Neo Hong Kong and all of space
"Now I am to be known as Wong the Great!"  
Ben Jeffery Hashimoto Kouichi
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Kidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Prime Minister Wong Yun-Fat

The undisputed ruler of all of Earth and space, Wong Yun-Fat is, on the surface, a fun-loving, playful man who enjoys watching a good fight. However, underneath his good humor lies a man willing to do just about anything to forever keep his position as Prime Minister, at any cost. As leader of Neo Hong Kong, Wong also has at his side the powerful Master Asia, Domon's mentor. Despite Wong setting Domon up against progressively?tougher foes, Domon defeated everyone and became a general thorn in Wong's side.

When Wong finally made his bid to resurrect the Devil (Dark) Gundam, Domon was there to stop him. Though Wong stayed out of the fight, the fight came to him, and he was seemingly killed when his own buildings came down around him, thanks to Allenby Beardsley. However, he survived and challenged Domon one more time in the Walter Gundam, only to defeated once again. Wong's hobbies include wine, pocky, his hovering chair, and his giant Gundam chess set.

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