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Anime Profile: School Ghost Stories

USA Info
Japanese Info
School Ghost Stories Gakkou No Kaidan(学校の怪談)("School's Ghost Stories") School Ghost Stories
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Ghost Stories in School School's Ghost Stories
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Ghosts at School  
  19 TV episodes
  Oct. 22, 2000–March 25, 2001
  Studio Pierrot/Fuji TV
  Hiroshi Hashimoto
  Noriyuki Abe
Adventure, Paranormal Adventure, Paranormal
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Anime Characters: School Ghost Stories

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Amanojaku Amanojaku Leo Reo
Hajime Hajime Momoko Momoko
Kaya Kaya Satsuki Miyanoshita Satsuki Miyanoshita
Keichiro Miyanoshita Keiichirou Miyanoshita    

Anime Description: School Ghost Stories

The story begins when Satsuki and her family move to another town. Her mother had died when she was about 6 years old. She and her little brother have a cat named Kaya who came to their house on the day their mother died.

At Satsuki's first day in her new school, Keichiro brought Kaya in his school bag. Kaya jumped out of his bag and enter the old school building located near the new school. When they were about to enter the building, a girl appeared behind them. Her name is Momoko, a student at class 6, and she wanted to enter the building also because the wind carried her hat there. When they were all about to enter the building, two boys from class 5 stopped them. They were Hajime and Leo. They said that there are many ghosts in the building. But when they looked at Momoko, they said that they would enter the building together. In the building, they meet many ghosts.

There is one ghost that follows them from the entrance. He is Amanojaku. After Satsuki finds a book (Ghost Diary), they defeated Amanojaku. When they exit the building, it's 5.00 PM, meaning that school has ended. Satsuki say's that Amanojaku will sleep at the trees behind the school, but Leo say's that the trees have been cut down. Then they know that Amanojaku doesn't sleep but he enters Kaya's body.

After that, Satsuki and her friends have a long journey with Kaya.

Anime Description: School Ghost Stories

The story starts when a young girl, Satsuki, and her father and little brother move to her mother's (who is deceased) home town to start a new life. The next day after moving to their new home, Satsuki and her little brother, Keichiro, head for their new school, but Keichiro brings their cat Kaya with him in his backpack. Before Satsuki knew it, Kaya runs off into an old condemned school build new her new school. When Satsuki and Keichiro start to head for the entrance they were surprised by Momoko, another student at her new school, who was looking for her hat that flew into the abandoned school house. They decide to enter together when a couple of boys, Hajime and Reo, tries to scare them by saying that the old school house is haunted by ghosts, but change their minds to go in and help after seeing Momoko. As they enter they are met by an evil spirit, Amanojaku, who chases after them trying to kill them while being terrorized by the other ghosts that inhabit the old school house.

Upon hiding in the old principal's office the group discovers a book, the Ghost Diary, that was written by Satsuki's mother long ago. They used the instructions in the book to put Amanojaku back to sleep in a huge tree that resides in the mountains. Afterwards, the group leaves the old school house only to learn that a lot of time has past since they've been in there. At first they were relieved and thought it was all over, but then Reo states that the tree in the mountains was cut down a while ago, which brings up the question: if the tree is gone, where is Amanojaku? They immediately learn that the spell they casted went awry and sealed him in Kaya, Satsuki's cat.

This event sets off a whole adventure where Satsuki and friends band together to put all the other ghosts to sleep and watch over the now sealed Amanojaku, who know far more than he would tell about each ghost that appears.

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