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Galaxy AngelGalaxy Angel (ギャラクシーエンジェル)Galaxy Angel
· · ·
Galaxy Angel Z (season 2)Galaxy Angel Z (season 2)
· · ·
Galaxy Angel A (season 3, part 1)Galaxy Angel A (season 3, part 1)
· · ·
Galaxy Angel AA (season 3, part 2)Galaxy Angel AA (season 3, part 2)
· · ·
Galaxy Angel S (season 3 special)Galaxy Angel S (season 3 special)
· · ·
Galaxy Angel X (season 4)Galaxy Angel X (season 4)
26 TV Episodes26 TV Episodes
March 16, 2004April 7, 2001–Sept 29, 2001
Bandai Ent, The Ocean GroupMadhouse, Broccoli, Bandai Visual, Broccoli
Kanan, Broccoli
Morio Asaka, Yoshimitsu Ohashi (Seasons 1 & 2)
· · ·
Shigehito Takayanagi (Seasons 3 & 4)
Comedy, Sci-FiComedy, Sci-Fi
Galaxy Angel
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Galaxy Angel II
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Characters: Galaxy Angel

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Commander Volcott O'Huey Commander Volcott O'Huey Ranpha Franboise Ranpha Franboise
Forte Stollen Forte Stollen Takuto Meyers Takuto Meyers
Milfeulle Sakuraba Milfeulle Sakuraba Vanilla H. Vanilla H.
Mint Blancmanche Mint Blancmanche Kokomo Perot Kokomo Perot
Normad Normad Malibu Perot Malibu Perot

Description: Galaxy Angel

In the distant future, mankind has spread throughout the universe. Then a major disaster which destroyed much of mankind known as the Chronoquake occurred. Mankind was thrown into chaos and much knowledge was lost until a moon appeared out of nowhere and brought back some of the knowledge with it. Fast forward to a few years later. The Transbaal empire has formed the Galaxy Angels to poke around ruins in search of the technology that was lost and to discover what it does. Once they have this "lost technology" they return to their base to figure out what it does. Usually this ends up in some mishap.

Leading the team is Forte Stollen, the gun-toting manic of the group. Another members is the sweet-and-lovable happy homemaker type Milfeulle Sakuraba, who is their newest member and does most of the cooking. Ranpha Franboise usually schemes her way into trouble, and the other angels have to help her out. Mint Blancmanche is a rabid cosplayer but hides it from the others. Vanilla is a strictly religious person who rarely speaks on her own accord. One of the pieces of lost technology that they find is the computer Normad, a pocketbook-sized computer with a 10,000 ghz processor. He is placed in a stuffed toy that Vanilla carries around. It will talk your ear off if you're not careful.

At this time a new series has been announced. Now, Galaxy Angel can be divided into two canons: the anime, and the game/manga series. The anime series is completely irreverent, with very little continuity to speak of, and something close to pure 100% comedy all over the place.

The game/manga series (which are generally the same in theme, if differing in plot flow and other details), however, is a more serious version, fleshing out the Angels and providing an actual plot, complete with antagonists. The game series itself was a trilogy, and while a number of anime-only characters aren't there (i.e. Volcott and Normad), they're replaced by even more game/manga-only characters, which I won't go into here. In any case, the 'new' series is not at all a continuation of the irreverent anime we know and love; instead, it will follow the plot of the NEW game series, Galaxy Angel II, complete with a new Angel Brigade; thus, it will probably be (more) serious in nature.

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