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USA Info
Japanese Info
AyakoAyakoAyako (Galaxy Fraulein Yuna)
Looks about 14-15Looks about 14-15
Greenish blueGreenish blue
Light purpleLight purple
Shorter than YunaShorter than Yuna
Galaxy Fraulien Yuna: Dawn of the Dark SistersGalaxy Fraulien Yuna: Dawn of the Dark Sisters
Galaxy Fraulein YunaGinga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna

Character Description: Ayako

There's not really much said about Ayako except that she's a child android and is the youngest of the three dark sisters. She first appears in "Galaxy Fraulien Yuna: Dawn of the Dark Sisters" when Yuna and Polylina are singing on stage. Yuna was about to do the last of her performance (using a projector of some sort to make a larger image of herself) but the electricity power starts to destroy the image making the audience stare in shock.

Ayako and her sisters plans are to destroy Yuna and her friends plus the world along with it. During the first part of the movie Ayako is once again causing trouble but this time in a hospital. Yuna's friends try to control the situation but end up biting off more then they could chew when Ayako beats half of Yuna's friends. Shiori however appears and fights Ayako. Frustraded, Ayako starts to get reckless, Shiori attacks Ayako, detaching her arm in the process. Ayako ends up crying in the middle of the hospital, apparently hurt by the loss of her hand. When Yuna appears she sees that Ayako is hurt and still crying. She attempts to talk her down an tries to get close to her, in fear Ayako tries to push her back. Yuna manages to get close enough to Ayako and calms her down and ends up being friends with her (even though her friends didn't much approve of it). Yuna teaches Ayako everything about being a girl. Ayako ends up developing a sisterly relationship with Yuna and even helps her in stopping her sisters from destroying the world.

Yuna and her friends go into space to infiltrate Kyoka's ship (the 2nd oldest). After a long battle they end up successfully killing her but when they return to earth they find some of the city destroyed by Genmu, Ayako's oldest and last sister. Ayako asks her sister to not destroy the earth and Yuna's friends but Genmu simply ignores her sister and continues to take Yuna's friends down one by one. Later on in battle, Ayako steps up to her sister and begs her one last time to stop or she'll fight her. Genmu smiles and asks her sister to hug. In the embrace of her little sister, Genmu's hands rips threw Ayako's chest taking the life force out of her. This angers Yuna greatly she dosen't hesitate to fight Genmu at this point... and kills her.

After the battle, Yuna returns to the hospital where her and Ayako first met, and sets Ayako's orb (her life force) down where she stood causing a nervous breakdown of her starting to cry heavily. As she cries her friends appear. They sing to her the ending theme "Tsuki Kage ni Oyasumi" (in English, "Sleep Under The Moon Light"). At the end of the song you can hear Ayako saying "Yuna we will be together again someday...thank you Yuna". In my opinion it's a very tear jerking moment.

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