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Character Profile: Luminaev Du Krosovski

USA Info
Japanese Info
Luminaev Du KrosovskiLuminaev de KrovoskiLuminaev Du Krosovski (Galaxy Fraulein Yuna)
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Ruminaefu de Krovoski (romanization)
Luminaev the QueenRuminaefu de Krovoski Iegara to Chisuji
18 years (born February 8, 2281)18 years (born February 8, 2281)
Dark blueDark blue
5'4"163 cm
114.6 lbs52 kg
33-24-34"84-61-86 cm
Type OType O
S&M QueenS&M Queen
"Black Fraulein's Muchi!""Kuroi Ojousama no Muchi!"
NoneYuko Nagashima
Galaxy Fraulein YunaGinga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna

Character Description: Luminaev Du Krosovski

Luminaev is probably the most wacked-out character in the entire Galaxy Fraulein Yuna series, including Yuuri and Mai. She dresses all in black leather and metal, and has a mask, a crown, and a whip. One of her attacks is CALL ME QUEEN. Despite this, she's probably my favorite of the "I only get two seconds of screen time in the OVA" characters...

Well, anyway, when Yuna first encounters Luminaev in the first video game, Luminaev's wearing this puffy pink ballroom gown with a huge red bow and her butterfly mask. She's very snooty towards Yuna, saying she doesn't have the qualitites that make up a TRUE Fraulein. Yuna gets mad and they start arguing until Luminaev gets past her limit and throws off the ballroom gown to reveal her leather outfit. She informs Yuna that she is Luminaev du Krosovski of the Army of the Thirteen Dark Frauleins. Yuna takes a look at the outfit and says, "I wonder if she means 'Fraulein' as in 'my queen' like those irreputable women on TV..." (Side note: what the heck is Yuna watching?!) Luminaev then pulls out her whip, and Yuna is all, "ACK! I bet she DOES mean it like that!" Luminaev says something like, "I will teach you to love pain!" and Yuna makes a really funny face and says, "Girl, that's just not right!" Then Liavelt von Neuestein shows up and tells Luminaev to put the whip away.

In the first OVA series, Luminaev has a very brief, split-second long shot of her face when Yuna is gathering the power of all the Frauleins, and presumably she's there defending Yuna from Fraulein D's fleet, even though we never see her...

She has another cameo in the second OVA, at the very beginning where the computer is flashing through all of the people it wants to 'ELIMINATE'. She's also there at the end when the Frauleins make a huge disc of light to try and stop the huge Apparition being from getting to Yuna or the Eternal Princess, but gets blasted away along with all the others.

In the third Yuna game, Luminaev shows up on an icy planet called Tsubetei. Yuna and the others are fighting one of the Six Flower Warriors, Lang-Pha, who can freeze people and attack with evil, psychotic butterflies (yes, psychotic butterflies). Lang-Pha is standing on a tall spire of ice, and Luminaev is frozen into ice next to her perch. When you break the ice, Luminaev busts out and breaks Lang-Pha's spire of ice, forcing her to join in the battle.

Luminaev seems to be a very rich, snobbish, vain girl (kind of like Mai). The fact that she gets annoyed when Yuna questions her about Fraulein qualities means that she might not be very confident in her role as a Fraulein, however. Obviously she's an S&M queen, so she's probably more than a bit sadistic. Since she first showed up wearing a ballroom gown, I think she might like to dance as well. Most pictures I see of her have her standing against a background of a chess board, and although this might just be a metaphor for her title of "The Queen", she might also actually play chess.

In the third game, she's a very strong fighter. Her whip isn't the most powerful of weapons, but she has a ton of HP and can keep going even when everyone else has been squashed. Her voice actress, Yuko Nagashima, has that "I am your mistress" voice down to a T.

An infinite amount of thanks to Ditchdigger's Yuna Galaxy for just about all of the info on Luminaev. Ditchdigger has built the ultimate Yuna site, I really recommend you check it out.

Thanks to ADV Films for translating the Yuna OAVs, so I could become addicted. Thank YOU for reading my profile on Luminaev!

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