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Gall ForceGall ForceGall Force
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Gall Force Earth ChaptersGall Force Earth Chapters
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Rhea Gall ForceRhea Gall Force
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Gall Force New EraGall Force New Era
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Gall Force Revolution
3 OVA episodes (Gall Force)3 OVA episodes (Gall Force)
· · ·
3 OVA episodes (Gall Force Earth Ch)3 OVA episodes (Gall Force Earth Ch)
· · ·
1 OVA episode (Rhea Gall Force)1 OVA episode (Rhea Gall Force)
· · ·
2 OVA episodes (Gall Force New Era)2 OVA episodes (Gall Force New Era)
· · ·
4 OVA episodes (Gall Force Revolution)
U.S. Manga Corp.Artmic/Movic/Polydor/Sony Music
Mitsuhisa Hida, Ikuo Nagasaki, Nageteru Kato, Toru Miura
Kenichi Sonoda
Katsuhito Akitama
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon, and on VHS at Amazon.

Characters: Gall Force

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Rabby --?-- Melody βŠ• --?--
Amy βŠ• --?-- Mitty βŠ• --?--
Anne βŠ• --?-- Norton βŠ• --?--
Bauer (Gall Force Earth Ch; Rhea Gall Force) βŠ• --?-- Nova (Gall Force New Era) βŠ• --?--
Catty (Gall Force; Gall Force New Era) βŠ• --?-- Patty βŠ• --?--
DORN (Gall Force Earth Ch; Gall Force New Era) βŠ• --?-- Pearl βŠ• --?--
Eluza βŠ• --?-- Pony βŠ• --?--
Exanon βŠ• --?-- Sally βŠ• --?--
Fortin βŠ• --?-- Sandy Newman βŠ• Soundy βŠ•
Garnet βŠ• --?-- Score βŠ• Skoa βŠ•
Lamidia McKenzie βŠ• --?-- Shildy βŠ• --?--
Lufy βŠ• --?-- Spea βŠ• --?--
Marble βŠ• --?--

Description: Gall Force

Gall Force is one of the longest-running in the realm of OAVs. The universe that Gall Force encompasses spans many places, many times, and many characters, yet all are tied together by one theme.

The original story (which is taken to an alternate path in The Revolution) is first in the timeline. Two races are at war. On one side are the Solnoids, a female human-like race fighting for their continued survival. On the other side are the Paranoids, bio-mechanical cretures who seeks the Solnoids' total destruction. The crew of the Solnoid craft Star Leaf have been instructed to go to the planet Chaos for some strategic end. However, the Paranoids are in hot pursuit, and in the process begin a course of events between the two races that will have repercussions even after both races are gone. It will all come to a head on the planet Chaos, which orbits the planet that lives on its own. The Solnoids call it Terra. We call it Earth. The legacy will remain on that planet as the two races face their mutual fate at Sigma Narse.

Gall Force The Earth Chapters are next in chronological order. Earth, 2085. As is realized by now, humanity is the legacy left by the Solnoids and Paranoids, and it seems that humanity is unfortunately following the ways of its ancestors, especially with the discovery of traces of the ancient technologies. Paranoid-like machines known as Cyberoids (or MMEs) now seek to destroy every human they can. The Earth Chapters follow one Sandy Newman as well as a resistance force on Mars, both set to take back their home. Rhea Gall Force immediately follows the aftermath of this titanic war, and while the Cyberoids hunt down what is left of humanity, one with the guilt of her father on her hands seeks a solution and salvation.

New Era takes the story forward again, to the year 2291, 200 years after the Cyberoid war, to the time of acropolis cities and yumans, the genetically-engineered superiors to normal humans. The line of battle between the yumans and the humans were drawn 50 years ago but was stopped. The battle, however, is about to start all over again, and an old enemy has resurfaced to join the battle. It will be humanity's most desparate struggle yet.

A never-ending battle. Even as two races fight themselves to extinction, those who are their legacy seem to follow in their footsteps. Are we, the descendants of those two ancient races, destined to follow them on the path to extinction?

There are two things in common with virtually every Gall Force story. First is plain, hardcore war; war which precedes the known beginnings and which may continue past the known ends, part of the cycle of creation and destruction. Second is the focus on women. The spirit, personalities, and outright determination these women possess give them a special beauty that complements the natural beauty they also possess.

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