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Character Profile: Mamoru Amani

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mamoru Amani Mamoru Amani Mamoru Amani (King of Braves: GaoGaiGar)
Latio(original alien name) Latio(original alien name)
Alien(from Green Planet) Alien(from Green Planet)
Male Male
8 years old 8 years old
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
Type O Type O
Elementary Student, GGG Member Elementary Student, GGG Member
Veronica Taylor Maiko Itou
Episode 1 Episode 1
King of Braves: GaoGaiGar Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar

Character Description: Mamoru Amani

In the year 1997, Isamu and Ai Amani encountered the giant mechanical lion Galeon. In its mouth was a baby who became their adopted son. They named him Mamoru and spent most of his life raised on Earth by his loving adopted parents. However, his true destiny was revealed the day the Zonderians first attacked humanity in 2005. While on a field trip with his class on Garbage Island, he ends up right in the middle of the first attack from the Zonder EI-02. After being rescued by Gai Shishio and GaoGaiGar, the near destruction of the Zonder core immediately awakens his latent powers. Mamoru discovers his ability to purify Zonder cores, transforming them back into the human beings they once were. Catching the attention of the Gutsy Geoid Guard, he becomes an member of the organization, willing to break away from his normal life to help them save humanity the Zonderians.

As the fight went on, Mamoru learned of his true origins during the final strike against the 31 Primevals. His true father was Cain who was the protector of the Green Planet of the Tri-Star Solar System. Cain's world was threatened by the Zonder metal and the G-Stone was created in order to defend his world. Mamoru was created as a result of genetic engineering from the G-Stone. Ultimately, Mamoru became the last remaining survivor of his home world, and was sent to Earth on Galeon in order to rid the universe of the Zonderian threat.

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