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Character Profile: Shun Ukiya

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shun Ukiya   Shun Ukiya (Gatekeepers)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old(Born July 16, 27 Showa-1952)(source: ID card shown in episode 7) 17 years old(Born July 16, 27 Showa-1952)(source: ID card shown in episode 7)
Black Black
Black Black
Type O Type O
Gatekeeper of Gales, Captain of the Gatekeepers  
Johnny Yong Bosch(credited as Jim Taggert) Takahiro Sakurai
Episode 1: Begin the Defense of Earth! Episode 1: Begin the Defense of Earth!
Gatekeepers Gatekeepers

Character Description: Shun Ukiya

In the beginning, Shun was just another high school student trying to grow up in the economic boom of late 60's Japan with a mother, a little sister, and no father. He is trying hard to get into kendo but seems to lack enough motivation, instead spending his afternoons delivering newspapers and fixated on superhero shows.

That all changed when the Invaders seemed intent on destroying his house. Forced to fight, he discovers a power he never realized before: the power of the Gate. With help from another Gatekeeper (who turns out to be none other than his old neighbor Ruriko Ikusawa), he uses the Gate of Gales to defeat the Invaders. He is then inducted into the Gatekeepers.

Later voted as the captain of the AEGIS Gatekeepers of Japan, Shun has to quickly learn to master his Gate abilities (which, as the name implies, focus on the wind and allow him to create such attacks as the Vacuous Missile and Ultra Cyclone Chop and allow him to propel just about any object -- himself included -- at incredible velocities) as well as develop an ability to lead.

Towards the end of the series, Shun learns that he is not the first to employ the Gate of Gales. He had actually inherited it...from his late father.


Before the events of Gatekeepers 21, Shun marries and has a daughter, Ayane, but is killed battling Invaders before the series begins.

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