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Anime Profile: Genshiken Research Society

USA Info
Japanese Info
Genshiken Research SocietyGenshiken (げんしけん)Genshiken Research Society
24 TV Episodes (2 Seasons, 12 Episodes each)24 TV Episodes (2 Seasons, 12 Episodes each)
July 26, 2005Oct 10, 2004–Dec 26, 2004 (Season 1)
· · ·
Oct 9, 2007–Dec 25, 2007 (Season 2)
Media BlastersPlam Studios, ARMS
Shimoku Kio
Takashi Ikehata (Season 1), Kinji Yoshimoto (Season 2)
Comedy, Adventure, Slice of LifeComedy, Adventure, Slice of Life
Otaku No VideoOtaku No Video
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Characters: Genshiken Research Society

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
"Chairman" βŠ• "Chairman" βŠ• Mitsunori Kugayama βŠ• Mitsunori Kugayama βŠ•
Harunobu Madarame βŠ• Harunobu Madarame βŠ• Saki Kasukabe βŠ• Saki Kasukabe βŠ•
Kanako Ohno βŠ• Kanako Ohno βŠ• Soichiro Tanaka βŠ• Soichiro Tanaka βŠ•
Kanji Sasahara βŠ• Kanji Sasahara βŠ• Tanaka βŠ• Tanaka βŠ•
Makato Kousaka βŠ• Makato Kousaka βŠ•

Description: Genshiken Research Society

The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture is a college where otakus (or hobby-obsessed nerds) get together and talk about their hobbies, more specifically anime, manga, and video games. The majority of the members being male college students without girlfriends, a popular topic is hentai, especially doujinshi.

This series is interesting because it's surprisingly realistic, about college students going to doujinshi shops and conventions, and just hanging out. What makes it really interesting is that everything that happens in Genshiken pertains to what happens in an anime the club is watching (Kujibiki Unbalance).

Description: Genshiken Research Society

This is an Anime about a college freshman, Kanji Sasahara, who joins a club at his college. The club's name is Study of Modern Visual Culture (AKA Genshiken). The club is an Anime club. Sasahara is kinda nervous when it comes to socializing with people so it takes him awhile to join the club. The story mainly circles around this club while they shop for doujinshi, attend conventions, and play video games.

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