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GeobreedersGeobreeders (ジオブリーダーズ) ("Jioburidazu")Geobreeders
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Geobreeders: [File-X] Get Back the KittyGeobreeders: [File-X] Chibi Neko Dakkan (Get back the Kitty) (OVA 1)
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Geobreeders 2: [File-XX] BreakthroughGeobreeders 2: [File-XX] Ransen Toppa (Breakthrough) (OVA 2)
7 OVA Episodes7 OVA Episodes
April 21, 1998–March 23, 2001 (OVA 1 & 2)
U.S. Manga CorpsChaos Project/Victor Ent.
Akihiro Itou
Yuji Moriyama, Junichi Sakata, Shin Masawa
Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, ParanormalAction, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal
Ayumi NarusawaAyumi Narusawa
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Characters: Geobreeders

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayumi Narusawa Ayumi Narusawa Phantom Cats Bake-Neko ("phantom cats")
Black Cat Black Cat Socks Socks
Eiko Rando Eiko Rando Takami Sakuragi Takami Sakuragi
Hounds Hounds Yoichi Taba Yoichi Taba
Maki Umezaki Maki Umezaki Yu Himehagi Yu Himehagi
Maya Maya Yuka Kikushima Yuka Kikushima

Description: Geobreeders

Geobreeders is set in the near future. A race of living electrical charges, called Bake-Neko ("Phantom Cats"), have been disrupting electronics through out Tokyo. They are unable to be detected while they are in an electronic device. But, for some unknown reason, Phantom Cats like to take the form of a human with gold cat like eyes, and sometimes with cat like properties (i.e. tail and ears), or sometimes a cat.

Due to the threat of the Phantom Cats, many companies have formed agencies to find ways to fight back against the Phantom Cats. One such agency is Kagura Security. They have developed a way to contain a Phantom Cat, using special seals connected to a portable computer, and then "delete them" as they say. Kagura Security is privately owned by Yuka Kikushima, the company president.

But the reasons behind the Phantom Cats appearance is unknown, or why they destroy everything that gets in their way. It is up to Kagura Security to stop the Phantom Cats before they can cause too much damage.

But, Kagura Security aren't the only ones trying to stop the Phantom Cats.

Geobreeders Phantom Cat (Bake-Neko) Geobreeders Geobreeders

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