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Character Profile: Ayumi Narusawa

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ayumi Narusawa Ayumi Narusawa Ayumi Narusawa (Geobreeders)
Human Human
Female Female
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Leader of a Hounds team Leader of a Hounds team
Geobreeders Geobreeders

Character Description: Ayumi Narusawa

Ayumi Narusawa is the leader of a team of Hounds. The Hounds are a special military group trained, and equipped to fight the Phantom Cats.

Ayumi Narusawa's team are the best group of Hounds. They are usually the first ones on the scene of a Phantom Cat disturbance. But it is more like a Kagura Security disturbance, because Kagura Security is usually demolishing someplace just to take out one Phantom Cat. But Ayumi's team has to stop the Phantom Cat anyways, and prevent anymore damage to property.

Ayumi Narusawa doesn't want to cause excessive damage to property during an incident with a Phantom Cat. She usually orders her team to open fire on a Phantom Cat as soon as they get a clear shot. She always keeps her team together, in order to concentrate fire on a Phantom Cat, because, while the Hounds bullets can harm, and prevent a Phantom Cat from regenerating, they don't kill a Phantom Cat unless the Phantom Cat is completely destroyed. But if you wait too long, the Phantom Cat will be able to regenerate the wounds from Hound bullets.

Ayumi Narusawa doesn't think that Yoichi Taba should be working for Kagura Security, and thinks he should quit Kagura Security in order to join the Hounds. She just may accept Yoichi into her team of Hounds.

Ayumi Narusawa's weapon of choice is a pistol, while the rest of her team use grenade launchers, and machine guns.

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