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Character Profile: Yu Himehagi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yu Himehagi Yu Himehagi Yu Himehagi (Geobreeders)
Human Human
Female Female
Teal Teal
Teal Teal
Driver for Kagura Security Driver for Kagura Security
"Driver's job description is driving."  
Geobreeders Geobreeders

Character Description: Yu Himehagi

Yu Himehagi is the professional driver of Kagura Security. Don't ask her to navigate, because she has no sense of direction. If you aren't giving her directions, you will be going nowhere fast. And I mean fast. Yu Himehagi enjoys driving as fast as the car she is in can go. You better be strapped in when she comes to a sudden stop, or you just may continue down the street when the van stops.

Yu Himehagi is the laziest person at Kagura Security. If you need to find her, go to the basement of Kagura Security, and you can find her sleeping on the floor... no bed, pillow, or pad, just the floor. She also isn't far from the van while she sleeps. She will also wait in the van, usually asleep, until you need to return from a job.

Yu Himehagi also enjoys smoking like a chimney. If she can't find a light, she will walk around with the cigarette in her mouth, looking for a light.

Yu Himehagi prefers not to walk anywhere, and prefers to drive somewhere. She is a great driver though. If you need to get somewhere, no matter where you need to go, she can get you there fast, as long as you are giving her directions. But, Yu Himehagi can get you past any obstacle in your way. Somehow, she can get the van to the top floor of any building, and that is a feat of greatness in itself. How many people can you think of get a van to the top of a building, and back down again?

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