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Anime Profile: Get Backers

USA Info
Japanese Info
Get Backers Get Backers(ゲットバッカーズ) Get Backers
· · ·
  Getto Bakkâzu Dakkanya
49 TV episodes(on DVD) 49 TV episodes
August 24, 2004 Oct. 5, 2002–Sept. 21, 2003
A.D. Vision Studio Deen
Action, Comedy Action, Comedy
Akabane Kurodo Akabane Kuroudo
· · ·
Ayame Magami Ayame Magami
· · ·
Ban Mido Ban Midou
· · ·
Emishi Haruki Emishi Haruki
· · ·
Ginji Amano Ginji Amano
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Get Backers

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akabane Kurodo Akabane Kuroudo Sakura Kakei Sakura Kakei
Ayame Magami Ayame Magami Shido Fuyuki Shido Fuyuki
Ban Mido Ban Midou Clayman Clayman
Emishi Haruki Emishi Haruki Hera Hera
Ginji Amano Ginji Amano Jou Kanno Jou Kanno
Hevn Hevn Kaoru Ujie Kaoru Ujie
Himiko Kudo Himiko Kudou Madoka Otowa Madoka Otowa
Jubei Kakei Jubei Kakei Mazaki Kuruzo Mazaki Kuruzo
Kazuki Fuchoin Kadzuki Fuuchouin Ren Ren
Kyoji Kagami Kyouji Kagami Takeru Teshimime Takeru Teshimime
Makubex Makubex Takuma Fudou Takuma Fudou
Natsuhiko Miroku Natsuhiko Miroku Toshiki Oryu Toshiki Oryu
Natsumi Mizuki Natsumi Mizuki Yukihiko Miroku Yukihiko Miroku
Paul Wan Wan Poru    

Anime Description: Get Backers

Amano Ginji is a man who can emit lightning from his body. Midou Ban is a man who has a 200kg (about 400 lbs) grip and posesses a mysterious 'Jagan Eye'. Together, these two make up the 'Get Backers', a team of retrivel agents who get anything back with a 100% recover rate.

They promise to get back anything from stuffed bunnies to past memories. With their lives on the line for the item they are reprosessing, they face off with dangerous gangs, lethal protectors, and vicious transporters who have been hired to prevent them from interfering with the job. But with their determination, they will complete their job! They are the invincible Get Backers!

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