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Japanese Info
Ban MidoBan Midou (美堂 蛮)Ban Mido (Get Backers)
Man with the Evil EyeJagan no Otoko ("Man with the Evil Eye")
21 years old (18 in the manga) (born December 17)21 years old (18 in the manga) (born December 17)
Dark BrownDark Brown
Deep Blue (Sapphire)Deep Blue (Sapphire)
5'9"175 cm
127.9 lbs58 kg
Type BType B
"Did you have a bad dream?"
Rick McDonald (episodes 1-5)Nobutoshi Kanna
· · ·
Jason Liebrecht (episodes 6-49)Naomi Shindou (child)
Get BackersGet Backers

Character Description: Ban Mido

Ban Mido is quarter-German. He inherited his Evil Eye from his grandmother, who was the last known witch of her time. He is also called Jagan No Otoko ("Man with the Evil Eye"). Ban usually uses the Evil Eye three times in the span of 24 hours, and no more than once on a person, but it doesn't mean that he can't use it more three times. If Ban is going to use it more than three times, it will have a terrible effect on his body.

The Evil Eye isn't the only move Ban has up his sleeve. The Snake Bite is a move that can crush anything within Ban's grasp, and it has a grip (usually Ban's hand is fully holding onto something like the face, neck, head, etc of the enemy) of 200 kg of force.

Another thing, about Ban's past, he had his first group before he teamed up with Ginji. He first had Himiko Kudo (Lady Poison) and Himiko's brother, Yamato, as partners. They split up because Ban "killed" Yamato, but actually, Yamato asked Ban to kill him before the curse of the "Last Children" takes effect over Yamato's personality. Ban kills Yamato, leaves Himiko behind, heads up to Infinity City where he finds Raitei (Ginji), battles with him, and leaves Infinity City along with Ginji to form the Get Backers.

Character Description: Ban Mido

Ban is one-fourth German. His grandmother was the "Last Witch of the 20th Century" or the "Witch-queen." He inherited the "Evil Eye" (Jagan) from her.

After he left his grandmother, he went to Japan. There he met Himiko Kudo and her older brother Yamato. They teamed up as transporters (hakobiya), and all was fine for about six months. Himiko and Yamato are Voodoo Children. The Voodoo children's curse is not actually stated in the anime but it supposedly turns all the descendants of the curse's starters into servants, obeying only the commands of the curse's founders' spirits. Well, Yamato was beginning to fall under the curse, and he asked Ban to kill him because he feared he would hurt others if he was under the command of his ancestors. Himiko did not know all this as she was about 12 years old. She walked in to see Ban drenched in her brother's blood and Yamato's corpse. Himiko and Ban went their separate ways. Himiko became Lady Poison, a transporter, and Ban met Ginji to form the Get Backers, a retrieval team.

Ban is also known as a fighting genius and mainly uses his Evil Eye (Jagan) and snake bite in battles. His Evil Eye grants him the power to create extremely convincing illusions for 1 minute in other's minds. He can only use this attack 3 times a day or he suffers great pain. Ban's "Snake Bite" attack come from Ophiuchus, the legendary 13th zodiac sign. He received it from the Witch Queen as well. He has a grasp with over 200kg of force. There is a more powerful version of the snake bite called Serpent Holder. By reciting an incantation, Ban summons Ophiuchus to use his secret weapon.

Overall Ban is arrogant and cocky, but extremely smart. He is able to play the violin. He is to proud to get a part time job even though the get backers are broke. Plus, he has an undesirable habit of parking his beetle in 'no parking zones.' Thus, he spends what little money the Get Backers earn paying fines.

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