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Ginji AmanoGinji Amano (天野銀次)Ginji Amano (Get Backers)
Lightning EmperorRaitei ("Lightning Emperor")
21 years old (18 in the manga) (born April 19)21 years old (18 in the manga) (born April 19)
Blonde (brown when he was a kid)Blonde (brown when he was a kid)
5'9"176 cm
136.7 lbs62 kg
Type OType O
Recovery AgentRecovery Agent
"We get back what shouldn't be gone!"
J. Shanon WeaverShotaro Morikubo
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Gary Livingston (child)Ryoku Shiraishi (child)
Get BackersGet Backers

Character Description: Ginji Amano

Ginji is the one who can generate electricity from his body. His power also gives him the ability to summon lightning, magnetism, and a rapid-healing ability. He's even more powerful when he's in Lost Fortress.

Sometimes he even turns into the Lightning Emperor. The Raitei persona is usually triggered by Ginji's overwhelming grief or when his life is in serious danger. His partner, Ban, tells him to try not to be Lightning Emperor again, because when Ginji changes to Lightning Emperor he's really not himself anymore. When he's changed back to normal, he can't remember anything that happened while he was Thunder Emperor.

Ginji also has the power to turn himself into a small fat doll-like creature.

Ginji's cheerful, funny, and friendly. Before he became part of the Get Backers, he lived in Infinity City. Ban came and told him that if he stayed there, he'd hurt the people close to him there. So Ginji left without telling anyone.

Character Description: Ginji Amano

Ginji Amano is part of the recovery agency known as the Get-Backers. He was once the leader of a rough, notorious gang of Shinjuku called the Volts. When meeting Ban, Ginji turned into a more soft-hearted person, while being in Shinjuku he was the meanest person there. Hard to look at him like that, seeing the way he acts now. Ban is his best friend, and they stick together no matter what.

Ginji is able to generate high-voltage electricity from his body, more than the average human. He uses these powers to go against enemies and more. With Ban and his Evil Eye, and Ginji with his electricity, these two are hard to beat!

Character Description: Ginji Amano

Ginji is the former leaders of the Volts, the ruler of the Lower Town of the Infinity City, but he left because he wanted to protect his friends, because he felt that his powers would destroy Infinity City. He went to Midou Ban to be a retrieval agent, but by doing this, the members of the Volts including the four kings hated Midou for taking Ginji away from them, and they only thought of killing Ban.

Ginji is kinda stupid in a sense 'cause he doesn't understand many things. He likes Midou very much, and also likes to make new friends and meet old ones. He is also very kind and can do his service to anyone who is really in need for free, though Midou rejects that kind of deal. Though he is kind, when he was a kid he killed many people because those people were after him and killed all of his friends.

Midou said Ginji had a magnetic personality because of his power. That's why everyone in Volts likes him.

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