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Himiko KudoHimiko Kudou (工藤卑弥呼)Himiko Kudo (Get Backers)
Lady PoisonLady Poison
16 years old (born February 10)16 years old (born February 10)
5'0"152 cm
105.8 lbs48 kg
32-20-33"82-51-83 cm
Type BType B
Voodoo Child/WitchVoodoo Child/Witch
"Friends will just end up betraying you in the end and leaving you to die!"
Deanna ShoemakerNatsuko Kuwatani
Get BackersGet Backers

Character Description: Himiko Kudo

Himiko is a cold, fiercely independent, and occasionally stubborn young woman. A member of the Hakobiya (Transporter Service), she works with Akabane and Maguruma and is known as being one of the best at what she does: making deliveries with no questions asked and by any means necessary. She takes her job very seriously, throwing herself into it and taking any criticism of her performance personally.

In the past, Himiko was raised by her older brother, Yamato. When she was about 12, Ban Midou came to live with them for about six months. One day she came home to see Ban standing over her brother, his hand covered in blood and a gaping hole in Yamato's chest. Ban never denied that he killed Yamato, although he couldn't tell her why he did it, and she vowed never to forgive him for it and to take her revenge.

Because of Ban's betrayal, Himiko is hesitant to get close to people and make friends, even after Ginji offers her a chance to join the Get Backers (she refuses). She keeps an emotional (and most of the time physical) distance from other people, afraid of getting close to people again for fear of losing them or getting hurt again.

Himiko is also a witch who uses seven poison perfumes to attack enemies, which do anything from allow her to breathe fire to burn enemies from inside out to dissolve them from the inside out to doubling or tripling her own speed, a talent she learned from her brother. She is also a "Voodoo Child", the mechanics of which are never fully explained by played a part on Ban ending up killing Yamato.

Character Description: Himiko Kudo

Himiko is an old friend of Ban Midou. Himiko promised to herself that she would get revenge for her brother's death. Her brother wished himself to be dead for unkown reasons, and Ban helped him to kill himself.

Himiko wields seven poison perfumes. She uses the other six for normal battles and she uses her 7th perfume as her last resort. She has feelings for Ban but denies it because she believed that he killed her brother.

Character Description: Himiko Kudo

Himiko is also a Get Backer...but suddenly left the group. In the begining, she wants to kill Ban, because before living the Get Backer troop she saw, with her own eyes, Ban kill her elder brother. But she could not forget about the past, that she and Ban were close friends, and she decides to make friends with him again.

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