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Kazuki FuchoinKadzuki Fuuchouin (風鳥院 花月)Kazuki Fuchoin (Get Backers)
Kazuki of the StringsIto no Kazuki
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Thread Master Kazuki
Male (appears female)Male (appears female)
20 years old (born January 1)20 years old (born January 1)
5'9"176 cm
130.1 lbs59 kg
Type ABType AB
Matt HislopeSouichiro Hoshi
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Justin Kee (teen)Yumiko Kobayashi (teen)
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Character Description: Kazuki Fuchoin

Kazuki, also known as Ito no Kazuki, is a man who looks like a woman. He was one of the top four of the Volts, and best friend of Jubei Kakei. After the incident at Fuchoin Resident, the both of them fled to Limitless Fortress (aka Infinity City).

He can kick butt like Ginji and the others with his string contained in the bells tied to his hair. They can even cut through stone!

Kazuki was a former leader of the VOLTS, leaving at the same time as Shido Fuyuki. Their Thunder Emperor, Ginji Amano, left to join Ban Mido. Their old HQ was in Limitless Fortress (Infinity City).

Note: There are some various alternate spellings of Kazuki's name, such as Kaduki, Kadsuki, Kadzuki, and Katsuki.

Character Description: Kazuki Fuchoin

Kazuki is trustworthy, intelligent, effeminate, a true friend, and the kind member of the Volts. He never held a grudge against Ban Midou thus he respects the Ginji's decision of leaving the Infinity City.

When Kazuki was just under 15 years old, he met Jubei Kakei of the Kakei Style, and at that time Jubei thought that Kazuki was a girl because he was wearing a kimono. But it was their tradition to wear a kimono while playing a string instrument.

Kazuki and Jubei were the best of friends. They went to Infinity City with Jubei's sister Sakura, because of the instruction of Kazuki's mother.

Though Kazuki is the kindest of all the members of the Volts, he has a very dangerous weapon, a string. He makes it so strong that it can even cut through bones. He always keep his strings in a bell which he hangs in his hair. But his strings aren't the things that you should be afraid of... also look out for his skill. He is one of the best students from the Fuji String School.

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