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Character Profile: Shido Fuyuki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shido Fuyuki Shido Fuyuki Shido Fuyuki (Get Backers)
Beast Master Beast Master
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Monkey Boy(by Ban)  
Mariudo Mariudo
Male Male
21 years old(born August 12th) 21 years old(born August 12th)
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
6'0" 182cm
158.7 lbs 72kg
Type A Type A
Retriever Retriever
"Shut up before I go Beast Mimicry on your ass!" "Shut up before I go Beast Mimicry on your ass!"
Omar L. Gallaga Takanori Hoshino(Noppo)
Get Backers Gettobakkâzu Dakkanya

Character Description: Shido Fuyuki

Shido was one of the four emperors back in Infinity City. Shido is one of the last remaining survivors of his clan, the Mariudo. He has the ability called the "Beast Whistle" which he can use to call any type of animals within a two mile radius. Shido has this other ability called "Beast Mimicry" in which he transforms parts of his body into an animal which give him the ability of the animal he's using. It is said that he has 101 of these forms. So far, his wolf form seems to be the strongest because it gives him a great boost of speed and strength.

Back in Infinity City, his leader was Ginji Amano (Thunder Emperor). In a way he looked up to Ginji while he was there. He hates Ban Mido for taking him from Infinity City, but he's coming around and acts like friends towards him, but they still act like kids at times at each other. (If you know Yuu Yuu Hakusho, think Hiei and Kuwabara). They both hate and irritate each other. He seems to have Emishi Haruki, who looks up to him, following him every where ever he goes. Especially on missions.

Character Description: Shido Fuyuki

Shido was a former member of Volts and was also selected as one of The Four Kings. Shido is a sole survivor of the early inhabitants of the Mariyudo Tribe. He is very familiar with the herbal medicines of nature and how to re-connect joints.

Known as the Beast Master, Shido possesses the special ability to communicate with animals through the art of Soujuu and can summon them with a a blow of his Kemono whistle. Any animals he wishes to summon within a 2 kilometer radius will come rushing to his command. Because of his ancestry, Shido's people are able to take on characteristics of over 100 different animals and use their fighting abilities during combat.

Shido despises Ban because of his relationship with Ginji. In the manga, he develops a relationship with Madoka Otowa.

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