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Ghost HuntGhost Hunt (ゴーストハント)Ghost Hunt
25 episodes
Fall 2008October 3, 2006–March 27 2007
FUNimationJ.C. Staff, TV Tokyo
Fuyumi Ono
Rei Mano
Comedy, Drama, Horror, ParanormalComedy, Drama, Horror, Paranormal
Ayako MatsuzakiAyako Matsuzaki
· · ·
Eugene A.J. DavisEugene A.J. Davis
· · ·
Houshou TakigawaHoushou Takigawa
· · ·
John BrownJohn Brown
· · ·
Kazuya "Naru" ShibuyaKazuya "Naru" Shibuya
· · ·
Lin KoujoLin Koujo
· · ·
Madoka MoriMadoka Mori
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but the manga could be found at Amazon.

Description: Ghost Hunt

The story begins with a first-year high school student by the name Mai Taniyama. Mai has always loved supernatural and horror stories, as well as telling them. Things went along as normally as they could until one particular day when Mai and two of her fiends stayed after school in the audio visual room engaged in the telling of ghost stories. Their story telling was suddenly interrupted when an 'upperclassman' came into the room to see if anyone was still there, giving the girls quite a scare. The young man went by the name of Kazuya Shibuya who at first appearance seemed to be a very kind person. However, Mai grew suspicious of him when her friends asked him what grade he was in and he merely gave them his age rather than an actual grade.

On the following day, Mai came by a building that was supposedly haunted, and on act of curiosity and a strange feeling, entered the building where she was saved by a man named Lin from being crushed by part of the old building. Kazuya revealed himself to be a ghost hunter and president of a psychic research facility known by the name of Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR). Do to Lin's temporary incapacitation and damaged equipment, Kazuya demanded that Mai be his replacement assistant until Lin could do work again. After Lin's return however, Kazuya offered Mai a job as a permanent assistant at SPR, an offer of which she accepted. Mai, now part of SPR, will become involved in many things fun, but as well as bone chillingly frightening. Welcome to the ghost hunt...

Description: Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama and her friends thought that telling ghost stories was harmless fun. That is, until unnatural things start happening and the increased amount of ghost sightings at the local rundown school is pinned on them. When Mai goes to check it out, she ends up busting an expensive camera and injuring someone. This someone just happens to be the employee of SPR, Shibuya Psychic Research, Lin Koujo. When his employer, Kazuya "Naru" Shibuya, finds out, he makes Mai pay off her dept by working for him in place of Lin. The light novel says that the reason why Naru gave Mai a job is not because she destroyed his camera, but because he new she was an orphan.

Now freshman High School student Mai Taniyama is bound to SPR and helping the only other member, Naru, in solving cases about Ghosts and paranormal activities. Along the way, she meets a few interesting people, such as a Buddhist monk from Mt. Koya who is also a musician, a helpless woman who claims to be a Shinto Miko priestess though never seems to do anything, an Australian priest, and a spirit medium with her own TV show.

Description: Ghost Hunt

When Mai and her friends try to attract spirits at her school, they instead find Shibuya. After she and her friends decide to go home for the day, Mai stumbles upon some equipment. Unfortunately, she ends up breaking some. She is approached by the owner of the equipment who is none other than Shibuya himself. Mai is then given an option... either pay for the very expensive equipment or... work part-time for him! Reluctantly she agrees to the job. So the SPR, along with other various spirit mediums and exorcists, work together to solve each case.

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