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Japanese Info
OperatorOperatorOperator (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
Humanoid AndroidHumanoid Android
Female (in appearance and manner)Female (in appearance and manner)
Android Unit of Section 9Android Unit of Section 9
Debra RogersEri Oono
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexKokaku Kidotai Stand Alone Complex

Character Description: Operator

The Operators represent the rank and file of Section 9. They are an advanced line of android designed specifically to handle the day-to-day matters within the unit as well as to assist the unit's human specialists in their missions. Within Section 9's command center, a group of Operators conduct fact-finding operations and various information-related support roles as dictated as well as relay communications to and from the outside. They also maintain a line of defense against electronic infiltration. Elsewhere in the unit, other Operators act as couriers, errand runners, escorts, and liasons. On assignment, the androids can operate any of Section 9's vehicles as well as conduct information warfare (hacking through at least basic defenses). They do not seem to possess any specific combat abilities, but they can perform diversionary roles.

The Operators possess at least a basic Artificial Intelligence, such that when they're given instructions within their parameters, they have the capacity to follow them through without further direction. They are also fully capable of basic human conversation. That said, this AI is necessarily limited. They have no higher thinking capacity beyond that needed to fulfill their functioning (in contrast to the sometimes-unstable Tachikomas, who have shown the capacity to outwit the Operators at least once). This limitation is believed to be intentional. For one thing, it limits their liability. Not only are the Operators of little value to an enemy and can't be turned against Section 9, but the loss of an Operator does not make a significant impact on operations--it can simply be replaced. A limited AI also provides a necessary degree of reliability, since a well-defined set of limitations lends itself to a stable personality. Section 9 can expect an Operator to operate to the best of its ability every time.

Since they engage in various human relations functions as well as operate some of the machinery in the unit, Operators have a humanoid chassis, and a female chassis provides more functional potential, particularly in field operations.

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