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TachikomaTachikomaTachikoma (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
Section 9's Swiss army knifeSection 9's Swiss army knife
Think Tanks (tanks with built-in AI units)Think Tanks (tanks with built-in AI units)
None (though they have female voices)None (they refer to themselves with male pronouns)
As old as Section 9 (they are prototypes being tested)As old as Section 9 (they are prototypes being tested)
White with 3 black dots (which are lenses)White with 3 black dots (which are lenses)
About 9'About 274 cm
Very Heavy (Tank Body)Very Heavy (Tank Body)
Support TankSupport Tank
"The cavalry has arrived!""The cavalry has arrived!"
Sherry Lynn (she's the most common voice)Sakiko Tamagawa
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Sandy Fox
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Rebecca Forstadt
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Lara Jill Miller (she's associated with the "bookworm" Tachikoma)
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexKokaku Kidotai Stand Alone Complex
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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd GigKokaku Kidotai Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig

Character Description: Tachikoma

Probably one of the most intriguing characters from the series, the Tachikomas have multiples talents witch valued them the nick name of: Section 9's Swiss Army Knife:

Tachikomas are extremely agile spider-like tanks, who are capable of gripping themselves to any surface and allowing them an unmatched freedom of movement, they are able to walk or roll, as their 4 legs are equipped with wheels. This allows the Tachikomas to perform complex maneuvers at an incredible speed. Their weaponry consists of two machine guns (located one in each arm), four suspension cable guns (two on each side of the top of the abdomen, and two on the base of the abdomen), and one Bazooka cannon (located at the front between the arms). The abdominal part also allows it to transport one passenger. The Tachikomas are equipped with 4 360° rotating eyes (three on the dome and one below the abdomen), allowing it a 360° view on its surroundings. It is also equipped with an optical cloaking system making them undetectable to the naked eye.

Although all those gadgets are useful, the most impressive weapon that the Tachikomas poses is their extremely developed artificial intelligence. It is a surprising paradox that such a powerful piece of machinery is equipped with artificial intelligent equal to one of a very young child. This gives the Tachikomas very funny reactions to situations, and some even developed an interest in human activity such as shopping! Their intelligence is often ignored by most people... but Major Kusanagi and Batou seem to have developed some sort of bond with them. This bond was fully revealed in episode 25 as the three surviving Tachikomas from the section 9's destruction sacrificed themselves to save Batou. Major Kusanagi later comments that this "intelligence" was so powerful, that it gave every Tachikoma some sort of "Ghost" proper to itself.

With a better understanding of them, the six Tachikomas that had been sent to the lab and disassembled were re-assembled and reinstated into Section 9 at the beginning of 2nd Gig.

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