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Ghost Sweeper MikamiGousuto Suiipaa Mikami (kana:γ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆγ‚Ήγ‚€γƒΌγƒ‘γƒΌηΎŽη₯ž) ("Ghost Sweeper Mikami")Ghost Sweeper Mikami
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Ghost Sweeper Mikami
45? TV episodes, 1 movie
Manga VideoToei/Shogakukan/Asahitsu
Shiina Takashi
Action, ComedyAction, Comedy
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon, and on VHS at Amazon.

Characters: Ghost Sweeper Mikami

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Reiko Mikami Reiko Mikami Maria βŠ• Maria βŠ•
Tadao Yokoshima Tadao Yokoshima Meiko Rokudou βŠ• Meiko Rokudou βŠ•
Dr. Chaos βŠ• Dr. Chaos βŠ• Okinu βŠ• Okinu βŠ•
Emi Ogasawara βŠ• Emi Ogasawara βŠ• Peet βŠ• Peet βŠ•
Father Karasu βŠ• Father Karasu βŠ• Shoryuki βŠ• Shoryuki βŠ•
Kenki βŠ• Kenki βŠ• Yakuchin βŠ• Yakuchin βŠ•

Description: Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Talk about overcrowding. Japan's gotten down to the point that even the ghosts can't get some good eternal sleep. Majorly peeved, and with nothing else to do, they start terrorizing the living. Enter a new job description: the ghost sweeper. The job is simple: clear out the ghosts from a place. Easier said than done.

Now enter probably the most prominent ghost sweeping agency in the public sector: Ghost Sweeper Mikami. This two-person (and one-ghost) team led by Reiko Mikami is probably the most expensive around, but its success rate is unmatched.

The story isn't intended to be very deep or serious. It's mainly poking fun at something you wouldn't normally consider funny. Like Phantom Quest Corp. (a different but similar title released two years later), the humorous characters and situations are combined with some ghost sweeping action.

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