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Anime Profile: Giant Robo: The Animation- The Day the Earth Stood Still!

USA Info
Japanese Info
Giant Robo: The Animation- The Day the Earth Stood Still! Tetsu Koujin(鐵甲人THE ANIMATION)("Giant Robo: The Animation") Giant Robo: The Animation- The Day the Earth Stood Still!
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  Giant Robo: The Animation
7 OVA episodes, 3 OVA specials(GinRei Special)  
1994(Manga Entertainmant), October 26, 2004(AnimeWorks) July 2, 1992–January 25, 1998
U.S. Renditions(1st VHS Release), Manga Ent.(2nd VHS Release), AnimeWorks(DVD) Mu Animation Studio, Amuse Video, Bandai Visual
  Mitsuteru Yokoyama
  Yasuhiro Imagawa
Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha
Daisaku Kusama Daisaku Kusama
· · ·
Doujin Issei Doujin Issei
· · ·
Dr. Franken von Folger Dr. Franken von Vulgar
· · ·
Dr. Shizuma Dr. Shizuma
· · ·
Genya;Emanuel von Folger Genya; Emanuel von Vulgar
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Anime Characters: Giant Robo: The Animation- The Day the Earth Stood Still!

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Daisaku Kusama Daisaku Kusama Kenji Murasame Kenji Murasame
Doujin Issei Doujin Issei Ko-Enshaku Ko-Enshaku
Dr. Franken von Folger Dr. Franken von Vulgar Professor Go Go Gakujin-sensei
Dr. Shizuma Dr. Shizuma Shocking Alberto(Lord Alberto) Shogeki no Albert
Genya;Emanuel von Folger Genya; Emanuel von Vulgar Taiso Semenjyu Taisou Shinkou
Giant Robo Giant Robo Tetsygu Koku Senpuu
Ginrei(Famelle von Folger) Ginrei(Famelle von Vulgar) Youshi Semenjyu Youshi Semenjyu; Yoshi the Blue Face
Ivan, the Terrible Iwan, the Terrible    

Anime Description: Giant Robo: The Animation- The Day the Earth Stood Still!

Set against a backdrop of mystery, intrigue, super-science and super powers, Giant Robo: The Animation tells the tale of young Daisaku Kusama, a 12 year-old boy who must come to grips with his earth-shaking responsibility.

Daisaku is bequeathed control of Giant Robo, the mightiest robot in the world--a steel juggernaut with the speed of a rocket and the size, strength, and armarment of a battleship--by his dying father, Dr. Kusama, along with his father's two final requests: to protect the world and find the answer to the question, "Can happiness be achieved without sacrifice?"

Despite his youth and immaturity, Daisaku must learn to quickly face the resposibilities he now has as sole controller of the most awesomely powerful and destructive mobile weapons platform in the history of the human race.

Why? Because Giant Robo is mankind's best defense against the evil organization Bigfire (Bf Dan)--a secret, super-hi-tech criminal army, it's legion of giant robots, and it's super-powered elite agents, The Magnifient Ten. All three group's sole motivation for existense is a simple one for an organization with Bigfire's resources and materielle--ABSOLUTE domination of the world in service to their supreme master--the mysterious, and powerful Lord Bigfire. This goal would already have been accomplished but for one event....

Although Bigfire created Giant Robo, it was stolen by Daisaku, with aid from the group that would become his new guardians, mentors, and protectors, The Experts Of Justice--which includes the sub-group, The Celestial 9--also an elite cadre of super-powered secret agents. Both groups were formed by the International Police Organization, with their purpose being to thwart Bigfire in it's efforts to subjegate mankind. Efforts that are aided immensely by the presence of Daisaku and Giant Robo amongst their ranks. This assistance helps turn the tide for the International Police Organization against Bigfire, but alas, this also comes at great cost, as Bigfire continually seeks to recapture Daisaku, forcing the Experts Of Justice to loose many good agents in his defense....

The seven episodes in the anime serve to tell a chapter in ongoing war between the International Police Organization and Bigfire, the story itself revolving around Bigfire's attempt to gain control of all the world's Shizuma Drives--an infintely renewable and pollution free energy source that has replaced all other energy resources, but also AT A PRICE, one that now could spell destruction for all life on Earth....

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