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GinGinGin (Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin)
Meteor GinMeteor Gin
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Shooting Star GinShooting Star Gin
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Tora-ge Akita (Dog)Tora-ge Akita (Dog)
About 9-10 monthsAbout 9-10 months
Light grey (in Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin), somewhat blue (in Ginga Legend Weed)Light grey (in Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin), somewhat blue (in Ginga Legend Weed)
"I'm not a kid! My name is Gin! I'm Gin, the bear-hound!"
Eiko Yamada
Episode 1: The Small Hero - Gin's Birth (Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin)Episode 1: The Small Hero - Gin's Birth (Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin)
Ginga: Nagareboshi GinGinga: Nagareboshi Gin
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Ginga Legend WeedGinga Densetsu Weed

Character Description: Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Gin is the third generation of a line of bear-hounds, dogs trained to hunt bears. His grandfather was Shiro, a bear-hound owned by Takeda Gohei, who was killed by the evil bear, Akakabuto. Shiro's son and Gin's father, Riki was trained to be a bear hound after Shiro's death.

Gin was born from Fuji, a family dog owned by Gin's past owner, Daisuke. His brothers are Hiya-n and Giyan. During his birth, Takeda Gohei and Riki were out hunting for Akakabuto with Sonchou-San(the leader of the town), but got ambushed by Akakabuto and were later trapped into a gorge. After being stuck in there for a week due to a blizzard, Gin is now old enough for Daisuke to secretly take with him to find Takeda Gohei and Riki.

When they arrive Riki is fighting Akakabuto, despite the wounds on his back. Takeda Gohei is wounded and is forced to watch. He pulls Daisuke into the gorge just before he is attacked by Akakabuto, but Gin barks at Akakabuto only to be saved from Riki. Gin is safe and Riki is soon thrown down a cliff where he is presumed dead.

Takeda Gohei still wants to seek revenge after Akakabuto, and needs another dog to train. Knowing that Gin is a special dog, being a Tora-ge.. which means Gin would be much stronger when he grows up, he takes away Gin despite Daisuke's pleading. Gin is trained very early and no longer needs his mother's comfort. During Gin's training, Takeda Gohei and Gin meets a man named Hidetoshi, and his German Shepherd dog John. Hidetoshi is planning to kill Akakabuto after the bear killed his father, and Gin and John soon become rivals, which eventually turns into friendship later on in the series.

When Gin becomes a young adult, he begins to hear howling from the mountains which makes him shiver in curiosity and wonder. Eventually Daisuke and Gin see a pack of wild dogs who bring down a pursuing bear easily. Gin runs off after the dogs, and hears a howl from their leader. Determined to meet their leader he leaves his owner's house at night, meeting John along the way who plans to take over the pack.

After a lot of talking, Madara, a bear working for Akakabuto's strong hold appears and kills Hasset, one of the dogs in Smith's platoon. The other dogs have to meet their leader now and cannot avenge their comrade right now. They jump over a huge cliff and Gin follows, eager to meet their leader, and successfully jumps over the cliff. The other dogs are surprised and accepts Gin into the pack, he is assigned into the first platoon, led by Ben.

When the leader is revealed, it turns out to be Riki. Gin claims him to be his father, knowing that he is right. Saying so almost starts a huge fight with Sniper, the leader's general. Riki stops the fight and says that he considers all of his pack members as his children. Riki has amnesia and thus cannot remember who his owner was, and forgot that Gin was his son.

Riki begins to announce that the time to defeat Akakabuto is near, but they need more warrior-material dogs to join the pack's platoons. He sends some platoons to each direction to find warriors. The dogs soon leave at dawn.

During the end of the series, Riki remembers everything after almost being buried alive by one of Akakabuto's bears, and uses the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga(The Deadly Strike), where the user spins rapidly at their enemy and slash them with their fangs and claws, to kill a bear. Riki learned this from Fuuga, a wolf from the Wolf Arc which is exclusive to the manga. He returns to the battleground where his pack members are fighting Akakabuto.

Takeda Gohei finds his way to the battleground and shoots at Akakabuto, who falls down. Everyone believes that he is dead, and Riki and Gin run to Takeda Gohei for a hug. But suddenly Akakabuto strikes and kills Riki. Gin uses the Zetsu Tenrou Battouga to behead Akakabuto. Before Riki dies, he makes Gin the new leader. The battleground becomes named The Fugato Pass, where Gin will reside with his pack.

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