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Ginga Legend WeedGinga Densetsu Weed ("Ginga Legend Weed")Ginga Legend Weed
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Ginga Legend Weed
Action, Adventure, DramaAction, Adventure, Drama
Ginga: Nagareboshi GinGinga: Nagareboshi Gin
Akakabuto (in flashback only)Akakabuto (in flashback only)
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Weed Weed
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Characters: Ginga Legend Weed

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akakabuto (in flashback only) Akakabuto (in flashback only) JB βŠ• --?--
Gin Gin John βŠ• --?--
Weed Weed Ken βŠ• --?--
Blue βŠ• --?-- Lenny βŠ• --?--
Hook βŠ• --?-- Mel βŠ• --?--
Hougen βŠ• Hougen βŠ• Sakura βŠ• --?--

Description: Ginga Legend Weed

Ginga Legend Weed is a sequel to Yoshihiro Takahashi's Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. In the Northern Alps of Japan, a female Akita Inu named Sakura gives birth to three puppies, Weed, Yukimura and Joo. Her mate was Gin the Great Leader of Ou. However Sakura becomes very ill and couldn't provide for her puppies anymore. So she asked a dog named Sakachi to take care of Joo and Yukimura. Weed stays with his mother to take care of her.

One day while hunting, Weed meets an English Setter named GB. They both return to Sakura to find that she is being attacked by crows. After GB scares them away, she decides it is best that Weed meets his father, Gin. So she asks GB to take Weed to him. But when the two arrive there they find the "Utopia" of Ou gone and the land being terrorized by a mutant dog, Kaibutsu. Weed joins Kagetora, Ken and Jerome to defeat Kaibutsu once and for all.

Meanwhile, Gin, John and Akame now have to deal with an evil spotted Great Dane named Hougen, who wishes to overthrow Gin and become Ou's new leader. Gin and his friends fight well, and another dog named Hiro joins them. But they are soon taken as hostages by Hougen, and Gin sends Akame to find help. He soon finds Weed and tells him what happens, and now Weed is prepared for his next journey. However Hougen sends assassins to kill Weed, however Weed is lucky to overpower them with the help of a Kishu dog named Kyoshiro Shirogane, who later joins Weed's forces. And soon more dogs come to help out."

Ginga Densetsu Weed has plenty more stories in the series. Each featuring something very troubling in the land of Ou, and usually related to Weed's life in a way.

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