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RikiRikiRiki (Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin)
Akita Inu (Dog)Akita Inu (Dog)
8 years old (source: manga) (born 1974) (source: Ginga Densetsu Riki)8 years old (source: manga) (born 1974) (source: Ginga Densetsu Riki)
Brown and white (fur)Brown and white (fur)
Banjou Ginga
Ginga: Nagareboshi GinGinga: Nagareboshi Gin

Character Description: Riki

Riki is the son of one of Takeda Gohei's bearhounds, Shiro. It was proven that in the prequel manga of the series, Ginga Densetsu Riki, that Riki cared a lot about his father and witnessed Shiro's death, where he and Akakabuto fell down a cliff. Akakabuto survived and Riki became Takeda Gohei's new bearhound.

Eight years after that terrible day, Akakabuto is still alive, and Riki, Don and Aka are the only bearhounds left. It is mentioned in the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin manga that Aka and Riki are somehow related to each other. It is not mentioned how exactly.

Riki had mated with Daisuke's family dog, Fuji, who gave birth to Riki's sons while he and Takeda Gohei were out hunting. When Akakabuto attacks and they get trapped into a gorge for a week, they never really got to see Gin's, Hiya-n's and Giyan's birth.

After the week, Gin is now a bit older. So Daisuke secretly takes Gin with him to find Riki and Takeda Gohei, hoping to show Gin to them. When they arrive, Riki is battling Akakabuto. Daisuke accidentally drops Gin and Riki protects him from Akakabuto. After Gin is thrown into a safe place, Akakabuto ends up hitting Riki who falls down the cliff. Riki is presumed dead.

When Gin is older and the new bearhound of Takeda Gohei, he hears howling from the mountains which makes him shiver in wonder. Eventally he meets a pack of wild dogs who's leader was the one making the howls. Because they want to kill Akakabuto, and because Gin finds out that their leader is actually Riki, he joins them.

Riki has amnesia and thus cannot remember who his master was and who Gin and Fuji are. He orders his pack's platoons to go in all sorts of directions to find more dogs to aid them in the final battle against Akakabuto.

At the final battle, while the other dogs are fighting... Riki was separated and is battling some other bears. He does use the Zetsu tenrou Battouga (The Deadly Strike) to kill one of the bears, he learned this attack from Fuuga, a wolf exclusive to the Ginga Nagareboshi, Gin's wolf arc in the manga. Riki ends up getting buried alive by some knocked down trees. When he escapes this near-fatal experience, he remembers everything and joins the others for the final battle.

While they battle Akakabuto, Takeda Gohei arrives and shoots Akakabuto. The bear falls over, and thinking everything is safe... Gin and Riki run to Takeda Gohei for a hug. But then Akakabuto stands up again to attack. Riki goes to attack him to protect those he loves, but ends up getting seriously injured.

Gin kills Akakabuto with the Zetsu tenrou Battouga which beheads Akakabuto. After Riki makes Gin the new leader of the pack, he dies. Gin makes the battlefeild, Futago Pass, the new territory. As mentioned in the prequel manga, there is a stone fortress in the territory where Riki's body now lays. This fortress is basically his 'tomb'. His spirit still lives on in the manga.

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