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Japanese Info
Girls BravoGirls Bravo (GIRLSブラボー)Girls Bravo
11 TV episodes (on DVD)11 TV episodes (season 1), 13 TV episodes (season 2)
Geneon (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)Kadokawa Shoten
Mario Kaneda
Aoki Ei
Comedy, Ecchi, RomanceComedy, Ecchi, Romance
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Hijiri KanataHijiri Kanata
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Kazuharu FukuyamaKazuharu Fukuyama
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Kirie KojimaKirie Kojima
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Characters: Girls Bravo

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ebi Ebi Lisa Fukuyama Risa Fukuyama
Hayate Hayate Maharu Kanaka Maharu Kanaka
Hijiri Kanata Hijiri Kanata Miharu Sena Kanaka Miharu Sena Kanaka
Kazuharu Fukuyama Kazuharu Fukuyama Tomoka Tomoka
Kirie Kojima Kirie Kojima Yukinari Sasaki Yukinari Sasaki
Kosame Kosame Mamoru Machida Mamoru Machida
Koyomi Koyomi Shinobu Shinobu

Description: Girls Bravo

Women have been mean and cruel to Yukinari Sasaki all his life. As a consequence, he has developed an allergy to them, bursting out in hives whenever he is around them. Then one day while in his bathroom, Yukinari finds himself on another planet, Serin, and in the bathroom of a woman named Miharu. She does not get mad at him for being there; in fact, she befriends Yukinari. Stranger still, Miharu does not set off Yukinari's allergy.

After returning to Earth with Miharu, Yukinari has her come to his school where they meet Kazuharu Fukuyama. Suave, athletic, and the perverted ladies' man, Kazuharu has a similar problem; he's developed an allergy to men. That doesn't stop him from trying to win over the naive Miharu, however.

Throw into this mixture Fukuyama's sister, a witch-in-training that is told by a fortune teller that if she spots a man with three items, he's her soulmate. Yukinari is the first man she sees with such items.

Koyomi was a Serin soldier sent to retrieve Miharu from earth and bring her back to Serin. Her father is supposedly on earth, and she joins Yukinari on earth in hopes of finding her father. She also has a severe fear of men, which isn't helped by her first meeting with Kazuharu Fukuyama. Tomoka is a magical girl/Serin soldier that was sent to find Maharu Kanaka a husband.

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